[{"fields": {"website": "http://english.igg.cas.cn", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1A_2007", "name": "NCISP6", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1A", "operator": 258}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1161}, {"fields": {"website": "https://dossier.univ-st-etienne.fr/arlita/www/", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.1A2009", "name": "Arlita", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1A", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 762}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1A_2013", "name": "Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Noise Analysis", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1A", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1115}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1A_2014", "name": "Mining-induced seismicity network at mine Prosper-Haniel, Bottrop", "deployment_region": "DE", "fdsn_code": "1A", "operator": 120}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1098}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/6N7561723039", "name": "Sri Lanka temporary broadband network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1A", "operator": 1229}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1423}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1A_2018", "name": "Los Angeles Basin Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1A", "operator": 57}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1544}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1A_2019", "name": "Seismic monitoring of post-fire debris flows in northern Arizona", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1A", "operator": 323}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1684}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "UGANDA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1B", "operator": 365}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1045}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Gulf of Alaska Active Source Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1B", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 789}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1B_2013", "name": "Assured Arctic Awareness", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1B", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1136}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sweetwater Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1B", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1099}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Knipovich Ridge Passive Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1B", "operator": 180}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1400}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1B_2018", "name": "Cholame Nodal Array 2018 (PH5)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1B", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1537}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1B_2019", "name": "Using passive seismics to determin a glacier sliding law", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1B", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1711}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1C_2008", "name": "Study of the Crustal Structure of Northern Vietnam", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1C", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1299}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Urban Seismology 2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1C", "operator": 456}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 802}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1C_2011", "name": "Seismic Characterization of Menengai Crater, Kenya", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1C", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 839}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Antithesis 2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1C", "operator": 1137}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1146}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/6P7561560569", "name": "Array in Wittewierum, Netherlands", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1C", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1468}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1C_2017", "name": "Keweenaw fault imaging and fractured rock characterization projects", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1C", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1545}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1C_2018", "name": "Galilee Seismic Experiment: crustal and sedimentary structure and seismic hazard", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1C", "operator": 279}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1481}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1C_2019", "name": "Porto dos Gaucho", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1C", "operator": 260}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1723}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SABOnet + Task Force in the Izmit and D\u00fczce earthquakes epicentral area", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1D", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1508}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1D_2008", "name": "Erebus Tomography and Source Studies", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1D", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1300}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1D_2010", "name": "Elevation change anomalies in West Antarctica and dynamics of subglacial water beneath ice streams and their tributaries", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1D", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 847}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1D_2014", "name": "MSH Node Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1D", "operator": 348}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1112}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1D_2016", "name": "UKANET: UK Antarctic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1D", "operator": 148}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1203}, {"fields": {"website": "https://saussure.osug.fr", "doi": "", "name": "Glacier d'Argenti\u00e8re", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1D", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1728}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1E_2008", "name": "Postsismic experiment after 8th June 2008 Movri (Greece) event", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1E", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1549}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ELLITE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1E", "operator": 954}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1012}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/sqspa.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1E_2013", "name": "Southern Queensland Spiral Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1E", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1584}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1E_2015", "name": "Crustal Magma Plumbing of the Santorini Volcanic System - OBS Component", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1E", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1120}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GSC-BCOGC Induced Seismicity Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1E", "operator": 630}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1550}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1F_2008", "name": "Taiwan Geodynamics Project - TAIGER 2008 SP Piggyback", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1F", "operator": 83}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1341}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/curnamona.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1F_2009", "name": "Curnamona", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1F", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1563}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sipoholon seismic network for geothermal exploration", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1F", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1565}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1F_2014", "name": "Yellowstone Lone Star Geyser 2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1F", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1746}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1F_2015", "name": "Workshops on Volcanoes 2016, Santiaguito, Guatemala", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1F", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1222}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "RESOLVE Champ Captant", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1F", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1530}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1F_2019", "name": "Bedload Monitoring - Israel component", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1F", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1753}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/Gawler", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1G_2008", "name": "Gawler", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1G", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1562}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1G_2010", "name": "Seismic Imaging of the Ordos Plateau", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1G", "operator": 1074}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1268}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/6T569239", "name": "ScanArray core", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1G", "operator": 1224}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1140}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1G_2019", "name": "Erebus Backbone Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1G", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1687}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1H_2012", "name": "Central Otago Seismic Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1H", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1344}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Long Valley Caldera Full Waveform Tomography", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1J", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1452}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1J_2018", "name": "Totten Glacier Active and Passive Source Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1J", "operator": 80}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1573}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Source Physics Experiment 6", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1K", "operator": 1249}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1557}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "UIB-Heimaey", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1K", "operator": 1248}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1552}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Source Physics Experiment 5", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1L", "operator": 1249}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1556}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1L_2017", "name": "Loki Castle Hydrothermal in-situ Experiments and Seismology Surveys", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1L", "operator": 1248}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1551}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1M_2016", "name": "Source Physics Experiment Phase 1 Large-N Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1M", "operator": 1249}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1560}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/6Z7563484593", "name": "MultI-parameter monitoring and real-time risk assessment of hydroelectric DAMs in the Kyrgyz Republic", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1M", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1506}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ano-omiv.cnrs.fr", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.MT", "name": "French Landslide Observatory \u2013 OMIV (Temporary data)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1N", "operator": 570}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1569}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/bass.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1P_2011", "name": "Bass Strait", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1P", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1541}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/6C709520", "name": "DEEP-TEE Phase 1", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1P", "operator": 456}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1568}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1P_2018", "name": "Solid Earth response of the Patagonia Andes to post-Little Ice Age glacial retreat", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1P", "operator": 11}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1554}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/AQT", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1Q_2016", "name": "AQT", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1Q", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1539}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1R_2018", "name": "Seismo Acoustic Study of Rocket Launches from Kennedy Space Center", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1R", "operator": 651}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1559}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TomoEtna", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1T", "operator": 384}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1553}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1T_2015", "name": "RAPID: Observing the Disintegration of the Scar Inlet Ice Shelf", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1T", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1572}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Temporal seismological network Mayotte", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1T", "operator": 447}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1566}, {"fields": {"website": "https://thempgg.wordpress.com", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1U_2013", "name": "Mt. Paektu Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1U", "operator": 1251}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1571}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/1U_2018", "name": "Uturuncu volcano, Bolivia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "1U", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1548}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Gravity Lineations, Intraplate Melting, Petrologic and Seismic Expedition", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2A", "operator": 7}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1108}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/sed/networks/2a", "name": "COGEAR Temporary Deployments, Valais, Switzerland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2A", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 768}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2A_2016", "name": "LArge-n Seismic Survey in Oklahoma", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2A", "operator": 1174}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1574}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2A_2017", "name": "Sorsdal_Glacier_17-18", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2A", "operator": 640}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1424}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2B_2004", "name": "Cooperative monitoring of volcanic tremor at Villarrica Volcano, Chile", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2B", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1538}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/7O092361", "name": "PUDEL Network, Argentina, 2007-2009", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2B", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1044}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "OBSIP: Bering Sea Active Source Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2B", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 788}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "East Staithes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2B", "operator": 604}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1131}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2B_2016", "name": "Pryor: Cornell University", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2B", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1279}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2B_2018", "name": "Fort Boise passive seismic water-recharge monitoring experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2B", "operator": 84}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1558}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2B_2019", "name": "Eruption or Catastrophe: Learning to Implement Preparedness for future Supervolcano Eruptions", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2B", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1719}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2C_2010", "name": "Geophysical Study of Ice Stream Stick-slip dynamics", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2C", "operator": 80}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 808}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2C_2013", "name": "New England Damage Experiment Phase II", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2C", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1310}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2C_2014", "name": "Continental Lithospheric Breakup in East Africa", "deployment_region": "TZ", "fdsn_code": "2C", "operator": 207}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1100}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tasman Acceleration Study 2016", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2C", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1475}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seismo.ethz.ch", "doi": "", "name": "COntrol SEISmicity and Manage Induced earthQuakes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2C", "operator": 577}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1540}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Albacore", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2D", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 851}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "N2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2D", "operator": 119}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1159}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/7Q7563484600", "name": "DESTRESS \u2013 Demonstration of soft stimulation treatments of geothermal reservoirs", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2D", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1505}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2E_2010", "name": "Seismic Coherence and Site Effect Studies at Precarious Rock Locations in Riverside, California", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2E", "operator": 288}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 960}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2E_2014", "name": "Norway Microbarom Study 2014", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2E", "operator": 70}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1125}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2E_2018", "name": "Thwaites Margins", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2E", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1561}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2F_2009", "name": "Taiwan Supplement #2 to TAIGER project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2F", "operator": 83}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1342}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ombra.bo.ingv.it", "doi": "", "name": "OMBRA seismic network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2F", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1216}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/7S7567431325", "name": "LONGMEN", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2F", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1126}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PFO Accelerometer Test", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2F", "operator": 670}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1078}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2F_2017", "name": "Crust and lithosphere Investigation of the Easternmost expression of the Laramide Orogeny - Pilot Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2F", "operator": 588}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1401}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2G_2010", "name": "Testing of the effectiveness of incorporating seismic data in seismic hazard assessment within a traditional field course", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2G", "operator": 34}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1152}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/7T7561754109", "name": "Lastarria volcano experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2G", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1362}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Bergen Arcs Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2G", "operator": 1248}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1564}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2H_2009", "name": "AFAR0911", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2H", "operator": 422}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 653}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2H_2014", "name": "Ilan Plain 2014", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2H", "operator": 214}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1689}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2H_2016", "name": "Interim Broadband Monitoring of the Mount Erebus Volcano", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2H", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1345}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2J_2012", "name": "Seismological Observation of the Central-Northern Ecuadorian Subduction", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2J", "operator": 1137}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1466}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2J_2016", "name": "Clemson University Subsurface Deformation Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2J", "operator": 1253}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1586}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.ags.aer.ca/activities/alberta_earthquakes", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2K_2014", "name": "Scientific Induced Seismicity Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2K", "operator": 979}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1649}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/7Y7560573304", "name": "Monitoring the unrest of El Hierro Island with seismic observations", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2L", "operator": 168}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1739}, {"fields": {"website": "http://seismology.be/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2L_2018", "name": "LARGE-MEM", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2L", "operator": 421}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1555}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2M_2015", "name": "MISTERIOS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2M", "operator": 382}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1546}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2S_2016", "name": "Seismic neTwoRk/Array in norThwEstern arGentina", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2S", "operator": 238}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1547}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/2T_2018", "name": "Texas Temporary Arrays", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "2T", "operator": 1170}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1543}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3A_2007", "name": "Southern Okalahoma Aulcaogen 3-D test, Spears Ranch Seismic Experiment Survey", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3A", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1316}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.3A2008", "name": "ARC-Vanuatu", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3A", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 814}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Maule Aftershock Deployment (UK)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3A", "operator": 342}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 769}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3A_2013", "name": "Coherency and celerity of microbaroms", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3A", "operator": 70}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1116}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.13127/SD/ku7Xm12Yy9", "name": "Centro di microzonazione sismica Network, 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3A", "operator": 1203}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1352}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SABANCAYA experiment in Peru", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3A", "operator": 1159}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1477}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3A_2019", "name": "JPL Active Source Balloon Infrasound Experiment at EMRTC", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3A", "operator": 364}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1685}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Desert Peak EGS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3B", "operator": 29}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 792}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3B_2014", "name": "BELENRT, Reflection imaging using railroad noise as seismic source", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3B", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1311}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Integrated Geosciences in the Merida Andes, Venezuela", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3B", "operator": 396}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1195}, {"fields": {"website": "https://eitrawmaterials.eu/eit-rm-academy/rawmatcop/placement-projects/#tab-d15fd18022766b4d8f9", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3B_2017", "name": "InTarsis", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3B", "operator": 382}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1613}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3C_2010", "name": "Collaborative Proposal: Glacier seismicity and its relationship to basal motion", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3C", "operator": 80}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 806}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3C_2013", "name": "East Bay Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3C", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1314}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3C_2014", "name": "Arizona Rapid Array Array Mobilization Program", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3C", "operator": 859}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1181}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3C_2016", "name": "Indio Ranch", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3C", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1480}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3C_2017", "name": "NZ3D FWI", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3C", "operator": 299}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1624}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "M5 Le Teil 20191111 PostSeismic", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3C", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1729}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3D_2010", "name": "Morocco-Muenster", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3D", "operator": 668}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 854}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "HART Pisagua Earthquake", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3D", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1201}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3D_2018", "name": "Raspberry Pi Enhanced Reftek (RaPiER) Ambient Seismic Noise Interferometry 2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3D", "operator": 614}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1644}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3E_2010", "name": "Exploring Seismic Velocity of Sediments in the Mississippi Embayment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3E", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 961}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mauritius Seismic Land Station", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3E", "operator": 776}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1258}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3E_2015", "name": "Crustal Magma Plumbing of the Santorini Volcanic System - Land Component", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3E", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1199}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3E_2016", "name": "Yasur Volcano Temporary Deployment, Summer 2016", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3E", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1610}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3E_2018", "name": "Experiment in Fuego", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3E", "operator": 342}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1585}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "INGV emergency seismic network for Albania earthquake of 11-26-2016", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3E", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1738}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3F_2010", "name": "USGS flume seismic monitoring", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3F", "operator": 517}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1079}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3F_2013", "name": "HUMMING WOMBAT", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3F", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1118}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3F_2016", "name": "SIR-MIUR Project INSIEME - broadband seismic network in Val d'Agri, southern Italy", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3F", "operator": 1207}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1273}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3G_2007", "name": "T\u00dcBITAK Marmara Research Center Earth Sciences Institution Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3G", "operator": 647}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1220}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Marla Line", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3G", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1693}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/8U7554472182", "name": "Norcia basin (Italy) temporary network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3H", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1369}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3H_2011", "name": "OSISEC : Seismological Observation of the Ecuadorian Subduction Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3H", "operator": 1137}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1454}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/8U7569253520", "name": "Crustal Seismicity along for the Southern Andes Volcanic Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3H", "operator": 168}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1740}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/8U7561563769", "name": "Renland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3H", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1353}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Indian Heaven 2017", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3H", "operator": 32}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1705}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Monchique", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3H", "operator": 825}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1702}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "HIRE-II", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3J", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1498}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3J_2016", "name": "Broadband Array in Lonemgnshan Seismic Gap", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3J", "operator": 1289}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1698}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3J_2019", "name": "RAMP deployment of 3C nodal for July Searles Valley 2019 Earthquake", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3J", "operator": 42}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1679}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3K_2016", "name": "TROODOS: Tomography and Receiver function Observations of an Ophiolite using Data Obtained from Seismology", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3K", "operator": 299}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1382}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3L_2010", "name": "Testing of the effectiveness of incorporating seismic data in seismic hazard assessment within a traditional field course", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "3L", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1752}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/3T_2013", "name": "Temporal network Tungurahua", "deployment_region": "Ecuador", "fdsn_code": "3T", "operator": 349}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1496}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4A_2008", "name": "Investigating mechanisms of subglacial hydrology and basal shear stress beneath Whillans Ice Stream using passive seismology", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4A", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 846}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ingv.it/it", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4A_2009", "name": "Emersito Seismic Network for Site Effect Studies in L'Aquila town (Central Italy)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4A", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1233}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4A_2010", "name": "Darfield RAMP Aftershock Deployment, NZ", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4A", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 770}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/9N904956", "name": "Pollino Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4A", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1076}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4A_2016", "name": "SP Crater Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4A", "operator": 323}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1383}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TASK FORCE KIRGISTAN", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4B", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 923}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Raft River EGS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4B", "operator": 29}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 793}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4B_2016", "name": "ANR-Remake Quito basin", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4B", "operator": 1214}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1384}, {"fields": {"website": "https://eitrawmaterials.eu/project/itarg3t/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4B_2019", "name": "iTarg3T", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4B", "operator": 382}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1614}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Semipalatinsk Test Site Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4C", "operator": 876}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 828}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "NERA-JRA1-A", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4C", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 815}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GeoGirls outreach experiment at Mount St. Helens", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4C", "operator": 517}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1178}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/9P7562848989", "name": "TIPTIMON AFGHANISTAN 2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4C", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1499}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/sed/networks/4d", "name": "Seismological Experiments on Swiss Glaciers", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4D", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 890}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Parkfield Experiment to Record Microseismicity and Tremor", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4D", "operator": 456}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 865}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/sed/networks/4d", "name": "Swiss temporary deployments on glaciers", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4D", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 861}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "MARS/Testing of cabled broadband OBS using MARS test facility", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4E", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 895}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4E_2015", "name": "Field Research Station broadband seismometer network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4E", "operator": 135}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1169}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4E_2018", "name": "Raton 3C Nodes 2018", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4E", "operator": 348}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1653}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4E_2019", "name": "Valles 3C Node Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4E", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1741}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Askja 2007", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4F", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 509}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4F_2013", "name": "Temp-CNCH", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4F", "operator": 349}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1457}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4F_2015", "name": "North Texas Earthquake Study: Venus (Johnson County), TX", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4F", "operator": 73}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1130}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.emso-fr.org/EMSO-Azores", "doi": "", "name": "EMSO-MOMAR", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4G", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 697}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4H_2011", "name": "Nabro Urgency Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4H", "operator": 1251}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1575}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4H_2014", "name": "Oklahoma State University Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4H", "operator": 399}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1368}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mulhouse Seismo Citizen", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4H", "operator": 133}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1736}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/AQ3", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4J_2014", "name": "AQ3 SW Queensland and NW New South Wales", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4J", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1502}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4J_2017", "name": "Bioko Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4J", "operator": 266}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1721}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4K_2014", "name": "UAE transects across the Semail Ophiolite", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4K", "operator": 1291}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1703}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Ruegen Cliff Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4K", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1672}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4S_2018", "name": "STAK", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4S", "operator": 592}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1520}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/4T_2018", "name": "Texas Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "4T", "operator": 1170}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1494}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5A_2005", "name": "Samoa Lithosphere Integrated Seismic-Petrologic Expedition", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5A", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 951}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5A_2010", "name": "Basin & Range, Pleasant Valley Faulting, Crustal-Scale Geometry of Active Continental Normal Faults", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5A", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 779}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5A_2013", "name": "Eastern North American Margin Explosives Test", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5A", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1219}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5A_2014", "name": "Subduction Reversal and the Ontong Java Plateau", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5A", "operator": 422}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1168}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5A_2018", "name": "Rattlesnake Ridge 2018 v2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5A", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1536}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5A_2019", "name": "Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory Mini-Array 2 Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5A", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1690}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5B_2008", "name": "HLP 3C Piggy Back RT130", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5B", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1291}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TaskForce L Aquila 2009", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5B", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 949}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Brady Hot Spring EGS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5B", "operator": 29}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 794}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tony Creek Dual Microseismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5B", "operator": 650}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1428}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5B_2018", "name": "Rutford Ice Stream Cooperative Research Program with British Antarctic Survey", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5B", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1620}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5C_2009", "name": "Dynamics of Lake-Calving Glaciers: Yakutat Glacier, Alaska", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5C", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 819}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/0P7567352807", "name": "TIPTIMON TAJIKISTAN", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5C", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1123}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5C_2015", "name": "September 16, 2015 Illapel Earthquake: Seismicity and Segmentation of the Nazca-South America Subudction Zone in Chile", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5C", "operator": 495}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1407}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "JuraQuake", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5C", "operator": 1243}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1535}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "LuxBB", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5D", "operator": 456}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 862}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5E_2010", "name": "Earthquake Swarms and Aseismic Slip in the Salton Trough: High-Resolution Imaging of the Upper Frictional Stability Transition", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5E", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1298}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/ab466166", "name": "MINAS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5E", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 932}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5E_2014", "name": "Cascadia Initiative", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5E", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1261}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TremAc", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5E", "operator": 456}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1617}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "CASE-IPY", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5F", "operator": 133}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1360}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5F_2012", "name": "GlacioBurst", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5F", "operator": 150}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1239}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5F_2015", "name": "Magnetotelluric and seismic investigation of arc melt generation, delivery, and storage beneath Okmok Volcano", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5F", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1128}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "INTAROS temporary Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) on northern Mid Atlantic Ridge", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5F", "operator": 119}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1680}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5G_2011", "name": "SinoProbe: Northeast China Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5G", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1409}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SUGAR", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5G", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1710}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Lake Eyre Basin", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5G", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1694}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5H_2011", "name": "Eritrea Seismic Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5H", "operator": 1251}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1576}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.ifg.uni-kiel.de/1744.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5H_2013", "name": "Crust of the Oman Ophiolite and its Lithosphere", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5H", "operator": 788}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1376}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5H_2017", "name": "Central Virginia and South Carolina seismic monitoring experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5H", "operator": 98}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1370}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5J_2014", "name": "The Sardinia Passive Array Experiment (SPAE)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5J", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1503}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ASR", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5J", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1742}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/0X7560499728", "name": "Wanrong Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5K", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1712}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/5K_2019", "name": "Kamb Ice Stream Outlet Channel", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "5K", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1673}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6A_2007", "name": "Seismic Experiment Active Caribbean Andesite Lava Island Precision Seismo-geodetic Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6A", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1297}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/1N934013", "name": "Rohrbach/Vogtland seismic array 2008", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6A", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1080}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/1N134371", "name": "Walvis Ridge Passive Source Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6A", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 785}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6A_2013", "name": "Seismic Array iNegrated Detection for a Window of Indian Continental Head", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6A", "operator": 1150}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1197}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6A_2017", "name": "Teno Valley Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6A", "operator": 1251}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1591}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6A_2019", "name": "Acoustic Ground Coupling Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6A", "operator": 804}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1692}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.chinarraydmc.org/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6B_2006", "name": "Northern North China Seismic Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6B", "operator": 626}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1145}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "New York Canyon EGS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6B", "operator": 29}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 795}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6B_2016", "name": "Site Effect on Portoviejo City, Ecuador", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6B", "operator": 349}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1436}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6B_2017", "name": "Controls on along-strike variations in locked and creeping megathrust behavior at the Hikurangi convergent margin", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6B", "operator": 83}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1605}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Ferghana", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6C", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1048}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6C_2011", "name": "Seismic Cluster Investigation in the Southern Rio Grande Rift", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6C", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 838}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/1P7568352842", "name": "TIPTIMON AFGHANISTAN", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6C", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1124}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/waspa.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6C_2015", "name": "West Australian Spiral Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6C", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1583}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Myanmar subduction to collision imaging array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6C", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1534}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6D_2009", "name": "Telica Seismic and Deformation Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6D", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 877}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6D_2018", "name": "reinforced optical table vibration analysis", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6D", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1532}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Temporary seismic deployments on Bowdoin glacier, Northwest Greenland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6D", "operator": 577}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1733}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Nisyros network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6E", "operator": 120}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 991}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6E_2013", "name": "Wabash Valley Seismic Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6E", "operator": 721}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 931}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6E_2018", "name": "Surface-wave characterization of the SHOAL nuclear blast cavity and rubble chimney", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6E", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1666}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6E_2019", "name": "Dense nodal deployment at some test sites for the upcoming FaultScan project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6E", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1743}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/bilby.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6F_2008", "name": "BILBY", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6F", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1489}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6F_2012", "name": "WIsconsin, new Zealand, And Rpi Deployment, Deep Fault Drilling Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6F", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1138}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/1T7566735694", "name": "Ketzin Seismic Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6G", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1440}, {"fields": {"website": "http://marsite.eu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6G_2013", "name": "MARsite Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6G", "operator": 146}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1271}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/1T7562235078", "name": "Los Humeros", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6G", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1714}, {"fields": {"website": "http://intrasis.unb.br", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6G_2019", "name": "Seismographic Network of Amazonia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6G", "operator": 260}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1701}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Darsser Schwelle", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6H", "operator": 1212}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1377}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6H_2020", "name": "Imaging subglacial hydrology beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6H", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1737}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "CASSAT_FR", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6J", "operator": 1214}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1510}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "spatial variation of ground structure in Argostoli basin (Greece)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6J", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1504}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/6K_2016", "name": "Stromboli 2016", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "6K", "operator": 1290}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1700}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "BTL", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7A", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 540}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/2N934755", "name": "Lake Toba", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7A", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1047}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Cascadia- Keck", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7A", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 787}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7A_2012", "name": "Wide-Angle seismic reflection Experiment across the Central Iberian Zone; Iberia Peninsula", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7A", "operator": 854}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1317}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7A_2013", "name": "Mid-Atlantic Geophysical Integrative Collaboration", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7A", "operator": 13}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1081}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7A_2018", "name": "Sage Brush Flats Seismic Experiment on Interaction of Wind with Ground Motion", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7A", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1579}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "CATENA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7A", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1697}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/skippy", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7B_1993", "name": "SKIPPY", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7B", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 541}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/2O097102", "name": "TIPAGE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7B", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 906}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Dixie Valley EGS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7B", "operator": 29}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 796}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7B_2017", "name": "Active source acquisition in the Unaweep Canyon (Western Colorado)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7B", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1437}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7B_2018", "name": "Effect of the explosive type on rock damage and seismic radiation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7B", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1627}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7B_2019", "name": "PacificORCA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7B", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1720}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "YE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7C", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 542}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.7C2009", "name": "DORA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7C", "operator": 570}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 824}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7C_2014", "name": "2014 NAPA Earthquake Response", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7C", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1312}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7C_2015", "name": "The Mackenzie Mountains Transect: Active Deformation from Margin to Craton", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7C", "operator": 759}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1147}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/kimba.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7D_1997", "name": "KIMBA97", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7D", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 543}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7D_2009", "name": "Yakima Landslide RAMP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7D", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1182}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7D_2011", "name": "Cascadia Initiative Community Experiment - OBS Component", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7D", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 878}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7D_2018", "name": "Lake-induced earthquakes in Lake Erie", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7D", "operator": 86}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1646}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/kimba.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7E_1998", "name": "KIMBA98", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7E", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 544}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/2R383989", "name": "PASSEQ", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7E", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1026}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7E_2010", "name": "Glacioseismic Monitoring of Rumblings in Jakobshavn Glacier", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7E", "operator": 85}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 982}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.ig.cas.cz/vyzkum-a-vyuka/observatore/lokalni-seismicka-sit-reykjanet/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7E_2013", "name": "Reykjanet", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7E", "operator": 379}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1205}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "QUOLL", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7F", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 545}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Central Arkansas Induced Eathquakes 2010-2011", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7F", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 916}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Casey - Davis region", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7F", "operator": 549}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1170}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/wacraton.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7G_2000", "name": "West Australian Cratons", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7G", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 546}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Youngstown, Ohio, induced earthquakes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7G", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 989}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7G_2014", "name": "Popocatepetl Tremor Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7G", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1381}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/2T7561654577", "name": "Jailolo network, West Halmahera - Indonesia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7G", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1339}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7G_2019", "name": "Autocorrelation of ambient noise and P-wave coda for crustal structure", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7G", "operator": 48}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1713}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TIGGER", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7H", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 547}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.7H2010", "name": "W-Alps landslide experiments Char d Osset, Chamousset, Pont Bourquin", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7H", "operator": 778}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 929}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/TASMAL", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7I_2003", "name": "TASMAL", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7I", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 548}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "InSight pre and post-flight test data", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7I", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 957}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/capral.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7J_2005", "name": "CAPRA - Linkage", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7J", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 549}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7J_2011", "name": "Correlating seismic and visual (TLS) signals at Breidamerkurjokull, Iceland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7J", "operator": 651}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1082}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7J_2013", "name": "Poker Flat Permafrost Seismic Interferometry Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7J", "operator": 157}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1629}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "InSight pre and post-flight synthetic data", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7J", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1281}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/soc.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7K_2007", "name": "SOC - Southern Craton", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7K", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 550}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7K_2014", "name": "Peru Coastal Seismic Data", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7K", "operator": 1159}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1337}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7K_2018", "name": "AtlanticNoise", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7K", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1731}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "LF98", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7M", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 554}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "MB99", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7N", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 555}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "AFOO", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7O", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 556}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TIGGER-SP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7P", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 557}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SEAL", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7Q", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 558}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "EVA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7R", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 559}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SETA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7S", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 560}, {"fields": {"website": "http://auspass.edu.au/networks/seal2.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/7T_2007", "name": "SEAL2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7T", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 561}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SEAL3", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "7U", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 562}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8A_2008", "name": "IPY: Stability of Larsen C Ice Shelf in a Warming Climate", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8A", "operator": 18}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1053}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/3N7565750319", "name": "West Iberia Lithosphere and Astenosphere Structure", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8A", "operator": 825}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 790}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8A_2013", "name": "Tungurahua July 2013 Temporary", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8A", "operator": 84}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1426}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8A_2014", "name": "Seismic Transect Across the Okavango Rift Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8A", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1313}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "AfricaArray - Namibia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8A", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1193}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8A_2019", "name": "Gofar_Transfrom_Fault", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8A", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1718}, {"fields": {"website": "http://english.igg.cas.cn", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8B_2008", "name": "NCISP7", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8B", "operator": 258}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1160}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Newberry EGS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8B", "operator": 29}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 797}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Laptev Sea Rift Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8B", "operator": 180}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1449}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Lucky Strike OBS Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8C", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 833}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8C_2018", "name": "Integration of Noble Gas and Seismic Measurements for Small Yield Event Discrimination and Yield Estimation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8C", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1628}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mont-Blanc", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8C", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1727}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/sed/networks/8d", "name": "Swiss Seismological Service Aftershock Deployments", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8D", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 914}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8E_2010", "name": "TANGSHAN", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8E", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1296}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mammoth Mountain Broadband Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8E", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1083}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/3R7569753098", "name": "Seismic monitoring at Lascar volcano after 2014 Iquique earthquake", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8E", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1354}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8E_2016", "name": "NSF funded project on winds in complex terrain at Perdigao", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8E", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1482}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/3R7563203557", "name": "Seismic sensing of hydraulic and sediment transport patterns below frozen subarctic river", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8E", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1671}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8E_2019", "name": "Faial-Pico2019", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8E", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1745}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/3S7550699980", "name": "West--Fissure- and Atacama-Fault Seismic Network, Northern Chile", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8F", "operator": 574}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1241}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8F_2015", "name": "Hikurangi Ocean Bottom Investigation of Tremor and Slow Slip, LBPR and TXBP data", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8F", "operator": 63}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1176}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "MARGATS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8F", "operator": 136}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1361}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8F_2017", "name": "Test study to detect moisture in a Playa lake bed", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8F", "operator": 43}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1490}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Gakkel Deep", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8F", "operator": 180}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1686}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SISVAR", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8G", "operator": 1214}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1511}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8G_2013", "name": "MEJIPE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8G", "operator": 574}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1349}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8G_2016", "name": "2016 Pedernales Earthquake Aftershock Deployment Ecuador", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8G", "operator": 81}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1272}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8G_2018", "name": "Investigating Geophysical Unrest at Sierra Negra", "deployment_region": "Ecuador, Galapagos", "fdsn_code": "8G", "operator": 429}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1722}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.17600/7010020", "name": "SISMANTILLES-2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8H", "operator": 1137}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1406}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "New Mexico Coupling of Seismic", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8H", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1479}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/3U7560589977", "name": "East Pamir", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8H", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1441}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8J_2016", "name": "FORGE nodal array 1", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8J", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1601}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8J_2019", "name": "Nodal Deployment for Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8J", "operator": 348}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1678}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/8K_2016", "name": "Northern Volcanic Zone Iceland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8K", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1715}, {"fields": {"website": "http://alparray.ethz.ch", "doi": "", "name": "Central Adriatic Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "8X", "operator": 577}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1336}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "COBO", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9A", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1046}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Loihi Seismicity", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9A", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 816}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9A_2012", "name": "Deformation and magmatic modification of a steep continental margin, western Idaho - eastern Oregon", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9A", "operator": 98}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1318}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9A_2013", "name": "East Texas Earthquake Monitoring", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9A", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1117}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9A_2014", "name": "Sage Brush Flats Labled noise data", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9A", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1732}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9A_2015", "name": "Makushin Volcano Plumbing", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9A", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1174}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9A_2017", "name": "Bud Wellman", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9A", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1599}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9A_2019", "name": "Turkana Rift Arrays to Investigate Lithospheric Strains - UK component", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9A", "operator": 299}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1580}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9B_2008", "name": "Kilauea Volcano Seismo-acoustic Source and Propagation-2008", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9B", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 857}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9B_2010", "name": "Kilauea Volcano Seismo-Acoustic Source and Propagation-2010", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9B", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 800}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9B_2011", "name": "TopoGreenland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9B", "operator": 191}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1323}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tomographic Imaging of Silali and Paka Volcanoes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9B", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1179}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Cape Verde, Fogo Temporary Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9B", "operator": 252}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1105}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9B_2016", "name": "BEAMISH", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9B", "operator": 155}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1609}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/4P7565788335", "name": "High Resolution Seismological Profiling across Sierra Nevad", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9C", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 841}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9C_2013", "name": "Ilan Plain 2013", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9C", "operator": 214}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1688}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9C_2014", "name": "Aleutian Array of Arrays", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9C", "operator": 588}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1132}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9C_2018", "name": "Seismometer to Investigate Ice and Ocean Structure (SIIOS) Field Experiment: Greenland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9C", "operator": 718}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1632}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9C_2019", "name": "2019 Copiapo", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9C", "operator": 133}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1631}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9D_2010", "name": "Ice-ocean interaction at Nuuk tidewater glaciers", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9D", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1035}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9D_2014", "name": "Integrated Geosciences in the Merida Andes, Venezuela", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9D", "operator": 396}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1315}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9D_2015", "name": "Seismic Array of the Sevilleta", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9D", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1183}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9D_2018", "name": "Temporal network Sierra Negra", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9D", "operator": 349}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1531}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/sed/networks/9e", "name": "Short term noise tests / structural / foundation monitoring at SED, ETHZ", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9E", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1084}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9F_2008", "name": "Southern Alps Microearthquake Borehole Array - part 2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9F", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1137}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9G_2012", "name": "Newberry Volcano EGS Demonstration MSA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9G", "operator": 836}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1350}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9G_2016", "name": "Impact of Supraglacial Lakes on Ice-Shelf Stability", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9G", "operator": 366}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1338}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9G_2018", "name": "Kalimantan Temporary Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9G", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1730}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "An Assembled Western US Dataset for Regional Seismic Analysis", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9H", "operator": 69}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1707}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TRANSCORBE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9H", "operator": 459}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1478}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/4U7561589984", "name": "Sarez Pamir aftershock seismic network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9H", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1442}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9J_2015", "name": "Collaborative Research: Grounding Line Dynamics: Crary Ice Rise Revisited", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9J", "operator": 80}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1674}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic and Infrasound Networks to study the volcano Oldoinyo Lengai", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9J", "operator": 776}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1675}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9K_2015", "name": "San Jacinto Damage Zone Imaging Arrays", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9K", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1725}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/9M_2019", "name": "Mugello Temporary Seismic Deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "9M", "operator": 1287}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1643}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Generic Asian Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "Asia", "fdsn_code": "A", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1004}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Southern African Co-located Academic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "A1", "operator": 1069}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 893}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Angola National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "AO", "fdsn_code": "A7", "operator": 1236}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1507}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Anchorage Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AA", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 243}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "National Seismic Network of Azerbaijan", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AB", "operator": 347}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 264}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AC", "name": "Albanian Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "AL", "fdsn_code": "AC", "operator": 1283}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 660}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/NQ293785", "name": "ACROSS Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "KG", "fdsn_code": "AD", "operator": 692}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1127}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AE", "name": "Arizona Broadband Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AE", "operator": 859}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 823}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.africaarray.psu.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AF", "name": "AfricaArray", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AF", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 657}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Arkansas Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AG", "operator": 616}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 633}, {"fields": {"website": "http://fciarctic.ru/index.php?page=map", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AH", "name": "Arkhangelsk Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Arctic", "fdsn_code": "AH", "operator": 1285}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1064}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.crs.inogs.it/asain/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AI", "name": "Antarctic Seismographic Argentinean Italian Network", "deployment_region": "Antarctica", "fdsn_code": "AI", "operator": 1143}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 374}, {"fields": {"website": "http://earthquake.alaska.edu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AK", "name": "Alaska Regional Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AK", "operator": 1158}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 137}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Alaskan Long Period Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AL", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 44}, {"fields": {"website": "http://raspberryshake.org", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AM", "name": "Raspberry Shake - OSOP", "deployment_region": "World-wide", "fdsn_code": "AM", "operator": 1280}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 884}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Altay-Sayan Regional Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AN", "operator": 1274}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 378}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Arkansas Seismic Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AO", "operator": 40}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 774}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AP", "name": "APS Free Field Array", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "AP", "operator": 1175}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1234}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AQ", "name": "Central Queensland Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "AU", "fdsn_code": "AQ", "operator": 1166}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1208}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Northern Arizona Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AR", "operator": 323}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 138}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AS", "name": "Modified High Gain Long Period Observatory", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "AS", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 23}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ntwc.arh.noaa.gov/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AT", "name": "National Tsunami Warning Center Alaska Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Alaska", "fdsn_code": "AT", "operator": 278}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 139}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Australian National Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "AU", "fdsn_code": "AU", "operator": 1139}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 140}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.avo.alaska.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AV", "name": "Alaska Volcano Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AV", "operator": 1235}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 321}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/NJ617293", "name": "AWI Network Antarctica", "deployment_region": "Antarctica", "fdsn_code": "AW", "operator": 568}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1010}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.meteo.aw/", "doi": "", "name": "Meteo Aruba", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AX", "operator": 1026}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 936}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Haitian Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AY", "operator": 694}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 710}, {"fields": {"website": "http://eqinfo.ucsd.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/AZ", "name": "ANZA Regional Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "AZ", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 54}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.itaipu.gov.br", "doi": "10.7914/SN/B2", "name": "Itaipu Binacional", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "B2", "operator": 1222}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1415}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/B6", "name": "Bransfield Strait Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "AQ", "fdsn_code": "B6", "operator": 459}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1676}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "UniBAS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BA", "operator": 536}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 487}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Brunei Darussalam National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Brunei", "fdsn_code": "BB", "operator": 983}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1072}, {"fields": {"website": "http://resnom.cicese.mx", "doi": "10.7914/SN/BC", "name": "Red S\u00edsmica del Noroeste de M\u00e9xico", "deployment_region": "MX", "fdsn_code": "BC", "operator": 12}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 624}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Bakun Dam Micro-Seismic Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BD", "operator": 541}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 492}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seismology.be", "doi": "10.7914/SN/BE", "name": "Belgian Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "BE", "fdsn_code": "BE", "operator": 421}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 401}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Black Forest Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BF", "operator": 193}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 43}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Berkeley Geysers Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BG", "operator": 74}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 141}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Bay Area Urban Hazards", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BH", "operator": 304}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 524}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "University of Dhaka Seismographic Network", "deployment_region": "BD", "fdsn_code": "BI", "operator": 600}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 601}, {"fields": {"website": "http://seismo.berkeley.edu/bdsn/", "doi": "10.7932/BDSN", "name": "Berkeley Digital Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BK", "operator": 74}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 24}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Brazilian Lithospheric Seismic Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BL", "operator": 111}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 410}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "UK-Net, Blacknest Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BN", "operator": 186}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 142}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.bosai.go.jp/", "doi": "", "name": "Bosai-Ken Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BO", "operator": 723}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 143}, {"fields": {"website": "http://seismo.berkeley.edu/bdsn/hrsn_overview.html", "doi": "10.7932/HRSN ", "name": "Berkeley Parkfield High Resolution Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BP", "operator": 74}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 144}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "University of Brasilia Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BR", "operator": 260}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 145}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/BS", "name": "National Seismic Network of Bulgaria", "deployment_region": "BG", "fdsn_code": "BS", "operator": 1246}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 329}, {"fields": {"website": "http://redsismobogota.unal.edu.co/", "doi": "", "name": "Red Sismol\u00f3gica de la Sabana de Bogot\u00e1", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BT", "operator": 407}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1069}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Boise State University Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BU", "operator": 84}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 146}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/BV", "name": "Bolvian Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "BO", "fdsn_code": "BV", "operator": 1108}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1637}, {"fields": {"website": "http://erdbeben-in-bayern.de", "doi": "10.7914/SN/BW", "name": "BayernNetz", "deployment_region": "DE", "fdsn_code": "BW", "operator": 555}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 523}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Botswana Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BX", "operator": 1065}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1073}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Baikal Digital Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "BY", "operator": 901}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 845}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/BZ", "name": "ZIMBABWE SEISMIC NETWORK", "deployment_region": "ZW", "fdsn_code": "BZ", "operator": 1200}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1355}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Chilean National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "C", "operator": 113}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 712}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/C0", "name": "Colorado Geological Survey Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "C0", "operator": 1181}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1243}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.sismologia.cl/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/C1", "name": "Red Sismologica Nacional", "deployment_region": "CL", "fdsn_code": "C1", "operator": 1233}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1067}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.geomag.nrcan.gc.ca/obs/default-en.php", "doi": "", "name": "Canadian National Geomagnetic Network", "deployment_region": "CA", "fdsn_code": "C2", "operator": 630}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1340}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ce3rn.eu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/C3", "name": "Central and East European Earthquake Research Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "C3", "operator": 1180}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1242}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "CERN Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "C4", "operator": 1206}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1365}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.esc.cam.ac.uk/directory/keith-priestley/seismology", "doi": "10.7914/SN/C5", "name": "University of Cambridge seismology", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "C5", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1622}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/C7", "name": "Red S\u00edsmica Canaria", "deployment_region": "Canary Islands, Spain", "fdsn_code": "C7", "operator": 1193}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1332}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.earthquakescanada.nrcan.gc.ca/stndon/", "doi": "", "name": "Canadian Seismic Research Network", "deployment_region": "CA", "fdsn_code": "C8", "operator": 35}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1594}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/C9", "name": "Czech Microbarograph Network", "deployment_region": "CZ", "fdsn_code": "C9", "operator": 1263}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1604}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.icgc.cat/xarxasismica", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CA", "name": "Catalan Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Catalonia", "fdsn_code": "CA", "operator": 1171}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 147}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seisdmc.ac.cn", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CB", "name": "China National Seismic Network, Data Management Centre of China National Seismic Network at Institute of Geophysics, CEA", "deployment_region": "CN", "fdsn_code": "CB", "operator": 626}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 294}, {"fields": {"website": "http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/observatories/cvo/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CC", "name": "Cascade Chain Volcano Monitoring", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CC", "operator": 424}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 316}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CD", "name": "China Digital Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CD", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 25}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CE", "operator": 244}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 148}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Red Acelerografica Nacional de la Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CF", "operator": 524}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 474}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Coso Microearthquake Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CG", "operator": 367}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 280}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/sed/networks/ch", "name": "Switzerland Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CH", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 149}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.scsn.org/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CI", "name": "Southern California Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "CI", "operator": 1240}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 55}, {"fields": {"website": "http://csn.caltech.edu/", "doi": "", "name": "Community Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CJ", "operator": 25}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 717}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "CAREMON Central Asian Cross-border network", "deployment_region": "Central Asia", "fdsn_code": "CK", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 695}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.CL", "name": "Corinth Riff Laboratory", "deployment_region": "GR", "fdsn_code": "CL", "operator": 1210}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 424}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CM", "name": "Red Sismologica Nacional de Colombia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CM", "operator": 661}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 678}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.earthquakescanada.nrcan.gc.ca/stndon/CNSN-RNSC/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CN", "name": "Canadian National Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "CA", "fdsn_code": "CN", "operator": 35}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 38}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seis.sc.edu/projects/SCSN/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CO", "name": "South Carolina Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "CO", "operator": 31}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 150}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "CIVISA Seismo-Volcanic Monitoring Network-Azores Islands", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CP", "operator": 736}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 731}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CQ", "name": "Cyprus Broadband Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "CY", "fdsn_code": "CQ", "operator": 1072}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1009}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Croatian Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CR", "operator": 312}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 254}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Caucusus Array", "deployment_region": "Russian Federation", "fdsn_code": "CS", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 49}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "California Transect Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CT", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 53}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CU", "name": "Caribbean USGS Network", "deployment_region": "Caribbean region", "fdsn_code": "CU", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 431}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Vigil Network, Cape Verde Islands", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CV", "operator": 268}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 230}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.cenais.cu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CW", "name": "Servicio Sismologico Nacional de Cuba", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CW", "operator": 1066}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1074}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ipoc-network.org/index.php/data/cx-net.html", "doi": "10.14470/PK615318", "name": "Plate Boundary Observatory Network Northern Chile", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CX", "operator": 1169}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 464}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Cayman Islands", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "CY", "operator": 471}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 423}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ig.cas.cz/en/structure/observatories/czech-regional-seismological-network", "doi": "10.7914/SN/CZ", "name": "Czech Regional Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "CZ", "fdsn_code": "CZ", "operator": 379}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 41}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Kamchatka Network of Seismic Stations", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "D0", "operator": 263}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 976}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ipe.muni.cz", "doi": "10.7914/SN/D1", "name": "IPE_EDU", "deployment_region": "CZ", "fdsn_code": "D1", "operator": 887}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1413}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Nanometrics Research Network", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "DE", "operator": 343}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1038}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/DG", "name": "Dam Gallery", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "DG", "operator": 1257}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1592}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "DOHAD", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "DH", "operator": 1124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 969}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.oga.dj", "doi": "10.7914/SN/DJ", "name": "Observatoire G\u00e9ophysique d'Arta", "deployment_region": "DJ", "fdsn_code": "DJ", "operator": 1256}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1588}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Danish Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "DK", "operator": 243}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 151}, {"fields": {"website": "http://dpsninc.org/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/DM", "name": "Public Seismic Network - Dominica", "deployment_region": "DM", "fdsn_code": "DM", "operator": 543}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 500}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seismo.geodesy.ae/", "doi": "", "name": "Dubai Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "DN", "operator": 478}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 427}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.jamstec.go.jp/donet", "doi": "", "name": "Dense Oceanfloor Network System for Earthquakes & Tsunamis", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "DO", "operator": 259}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 625}, {"fields": {"website": "https://sismologico.uasd.edu.do", "doi": "10.7914/SN/DR", "name": "Centro Nacional de Sismologia", "deployment_region": "DO", "fdsn_code": "DR", "operator": 1294}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 370}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/DS", "name": "CGS National broadband Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "DZ", "fdsn_code": "DS", "operator": 1205}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1363}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/DT", "name": "Carnegie Analog Broadband Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "DT", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1695}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/DU", "name": "Seismological Association of Australia", "deployment_region": "AU", "fdsn_code": "DU", "operator": 1282}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1683}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/DW", "name": "Digital World-Wide Standardized Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "DW", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 26}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "REALSAS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "DZ", "operator": 496}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 450}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Rete ENEA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "E", "operator": 1082}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 894}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "IRIS Education and Research Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "EA", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 605}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Ebre Observatory Regional Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "EB", "operator": 620}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 642}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Ecuador Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "EC", "operator": 493}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 447}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "French Educational Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ED", "operator": 272}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 752}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Estonian Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "EE", "operator": 369}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 286}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/EF", "name": "R\u00e9seau Acc\u00e9l\u00e9rom\u00e9trique National", "deployment_region": "FR", "fdsn_code": "EF", "operator": 1293}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1724}, {"fields": {"website": "http://euroseisdb.civil.auth.gr/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/EG", "name": "EUROSEISTEST Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "GR", "fdsn_code": "EG", "operator": 154}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1032}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/EH", "name": "Ethiopian Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "ET", "fdsn_code": "EH", "operator": 309}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 886}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.insn.ie", "doi": "10.7914/SN/EI", "name": "Irish National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "IE", "fdsn_code": "EI", "operator": 429}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 490}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/EK", "name": "Red Vasca de Sismicidad", "deployment_region": "ES", "fdsn_code": "EK", "operator": 1234}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1469}, {"fields": {"website": "http://NGF@oregonstate.edu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/EM", "name": "Electromagnetic Studies of the Continents", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "EM", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 220}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "CalEnergy Subnetwork", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "EN", "operator": 288}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 503}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ccarray.org/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/EO", "name": "EON-ROSE", "deployment_region": "CA", "fdsn_code": "EO", "operator": 650}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1509}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "UTEP Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "EP", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 649}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Nevada Educational Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "EQ", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 262}, {"fields": {"website": "http://erebus.nmt.edu/", "doi": "", "name": "Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Antartica", "fdsn_code": "ER", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 245}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.ign.es/web/ign/portal/sis-area-sismicidad", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ES", "name": "Spanish Digital Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "ES", "fdsn_code": "ES", "operator": 275}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 240}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ceri.memphis.edu/", "doi": "", "name": "CERI Southern Appalachian Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ET", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 152}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Generic European Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "Europe", "fdsn_code": "EU", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 905}, {"fields": {"website": "http://rete-collalto.crs.inogs.it/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/EV", "name": "Collalto Seismic Network - Rete Sismica di Collalto", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "EV", "operator": 198}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 772}, {"fields": {"website": "http://shakealert.org", "doi": "", "name": "ShakeAlert - Earthquake Early Warning System", "deployment_region": "California", "fdsn_code": "EW", "operator": 1174}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1324}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "EXTREMA Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "EX", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 153}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/EY", "name": "Egyptian national seismological network", "deployment_region": "EG", "fdsn_code": "EY", "operator": 100}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1661}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "UCLA Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "FA", "operator": 15}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 292}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Network of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "FB", "operator": 815}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 778}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Generic African Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "Africa", "fdsn_code": "FC", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1027}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Fallon Microearthquake Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "FG", "operator": 367}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 530}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/FM", "name": "Formosa Array", "deployment_region": "TW", "fdsn_code": "FM", "operator": 121}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1390}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Northern Finland Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "FN", "operator": 451}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 395}, {"fields": {"website": "http://seismology.resif.fr", "doi": "", "name": "French Associated Seismological Network ", "deployment_region": "FR", "fdsn_code": "FO", "operator": 1244}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1542}, {"fields": {"website": "http://rlbp.resif.fr", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.FR", "name": "RESIF and other broad-band and accelerometric permanent networks in metropolitan France", "deployment_region": "FR", "fdsn_code": "FR", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 250}, {"fields": {"website": "http://oasis.crs.inogs.it/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/FV", "name": "Friuli and Veneto Short Period Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "FV", "operator": 1160}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 256}, {"fields": {"website": "http://geoscope.ipgp.fr", "doi": "10.18715/GEOSCOPE.G", "name": "GEOSCOPE", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "G", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 36}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GEOTEM", "deployment_region": "MX", "fdsn_code": "G1", "operator": 1264}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1607}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/G3", "name": "Servicio Sismologico IN3, UMG", "deployment_region": "Guatemala, Centro America", "fdsn_code": "G3", "operator": 1231}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1438}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GARNET Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "GA", "operator": 328}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 154}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Great Britain Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "GB", "operator": 127}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 295}, {"fields": {"website": "http://lecs.cs.ucla.edu/wiki/index.php/GeoNet", "doi": "", "name": "UCLA Geonet Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "GC", "operator": 15}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 864}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Global Positioning System (GPS) Displacement Measurements", "deployment_region": "Global ", "fdsn_code": "GD", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 457}, {"fields": {"website": "http://geofon.gfz-potsdam.de/", "doi": "10.14470/TR560404", "name": "GEOFON", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "GE", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 40}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.gonaf.de/", "doi": "", "name": "GONAF", "deployment_region": "Turkey", "fdsn_code": "GF", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 843}, {"fields": {"website": "http://glisn.info/", "doi": "", "name": "Greenland Ice Sheet Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "Greenland", "fdsn_code": "GG", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 786}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Ghana Digital Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "GH", "operator": 948}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 889}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Red Sismologica Nacional- Guatemala", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "GI", "operator": 1015}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1031}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ipgp.fr/ovsg", "doi": "", "name": "Guadeloupe Seismic and Volcano Observatory Network", "deployment_region": "Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles, Caribbean", "fdsn_code": "GL", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 552}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/GM", "name": "U.S. Geological Survey Networks", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "GM", "operator": 1174}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1232}, {"fields": {"website": "http://nsmp.wr.usgs.gov/geos/GARNI/garni.html", "doi": "", "name": "Garni Dense Array", "deployment_region": "Armenia", "fdsn_code": "GN", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 155}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ies.iliauni.edu.ge/", "doi": "", "name": "National Seismic Network of Georgia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "GO", "operator": 663}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 685}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GPS Data Products for Solid Earth Science", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "GP", "operator": 25}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 434}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.seismologie.bgr.de/doi/grsn", "doi": "10.25928/mbx6-hr74", "name": "German Regional Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "DE", "fdsn_code": "GR", "operator": 231}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 37}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/GS", "name": "US Geological Survey Networks", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "GS", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 551}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/GT", "name": "Global Telemetered Seismograph Network (USAF/USGS)", "deployment_region": "South America, Africa and Antarctica ", "fdsn_code": "GT", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 27}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.distav.unige.it/rsni", "doi": "10.7914/SN/GU", "name": "Regional Seismic Network of North Western Italy", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "GU", "operator": 618}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 637}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GFZ Affiliated Stations", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "GX", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1589}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Geyokcha Array, Turkmenistan", "deployment_region": "Turkmenistan", "fdsn_code": "GY", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 45}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ANKARA-NET", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "GZ", "operator": 1128}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1085}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/H2O/", "doi": "", "name": "Hawaii 2 Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "H2", "operator": 64}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 128}, {"fields": {"website": "http://dggsl.geol.uoa.gr/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/HA", "name": "Hellenic Seismological Network, University of Athens, Seismological Laboratory", "deployment_region": "Greece", "fdsn_code": "HA", "operator": 505}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 538}, {"fields": {"website": "http://gaia.chania.teicrete.gr/uk/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/HC", "name": "Seismological Network of Crete", "deployment_region": "Crete and South Aegean, Greece", "fdsn_code": "HC", "operator": 521}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 470}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/UR044600", "name": "Finnish National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "FI", "fdsn_code": "HE", "operator": 464}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 419}, {"fields": {"website": "http://snsn.geofys.uu.se/", "doi": "", "name": "Swedish Seismic Array Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "HF", "operator": 361}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 274}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/HG", "name": "High-Gain Long-Period Network", "deployment_region": "Global ", "fdsn_code": "HG", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 28}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/HI", "name": "ITSAK Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "GR", "fdsn_code": "HI", "operator": 671}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 940}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.hko.gov.hk/gts/equake/sp_seismo_network_intro_e.htm", "doi": "", "name": "Hong Kong Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "HK", "operator": 621}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 648}, {"fields": {"website": "http://bbnet.gein.noa.gr", "doi": "10.7914/SN/HL", "name": "National Observatory of Athens Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "GR", "fdsn_code": "HL", "operator": 200}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 257}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.foldrenges.hu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/HM", "name": "GeoRisk Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "HU", "fdsn_code": "HM", "operator": 1154}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 996}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/UA114590", "name": "Hungarian National Infrasound Network", "deployment_region": "HU", "fdsn_code": "HN", "operator": 378}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1395}, {"fields": {"website": "http://seismo.geology.upatras.gr/heliplots", "doi": "10.7914/SN/HP", "name": "University of Patras, Seismological Laboratory", "deployment_region": "GR", "fdsn_code": "HP", "operator": 458}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 407}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Hessischer Erdbebendienst (HED)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "HS", "operator": 933}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 872}, {"fields": {"website": "http://geophysics.geo.auth.gr/the_seisnet/WEBSITE_2005/station_index_en.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/HT", "name": "Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "GR", "fdsn_code": "HT", "operator": 154}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 412}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seismology.hu/index.php/en/observatory/stations/51-the-hungarian-national-seismological-network", "doi": "10.14470/UH028726", "name": "Hungarian National Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "HU", "fdsn_code": "HU", "operator": 378}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 297}, {"fields": {"website": "http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov", "doi": "10.7914/SN/HV", "name": "Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "HV", "operator": 649}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 156}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Hanford Washington Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "HW", "operator": 101}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 157}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ismn.bhrc.ac.ir/en", "doi": "10.7914/SN/I1", "name": "Iranian Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "IR", "fdsn_code": "I1", "operator": 1213}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 968}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Iranian National Broadband Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Iran", "fdsn_code": "I2", "operator": 116}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 970}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "InaTEWS Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IA", "operator": 712}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 719}, {"fields": {"website": "http://iberarray.ictja.csic.es/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IB", "name": "IberArray", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IB", "operator": 382}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 482}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IC", "name": "New China Digital Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "China", "fdsn_code": "IC", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 29}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ida.ucsd.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ID", "name": "Project IDA VLP Seismometer Network - UCSD/SIO/IGPP", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "ID", "operator": 265}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 32}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IE", "name": "INL Seismic Monitoring Program", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IE", "operator": 1177}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 158}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Southern Spain Broadband Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IG", "operator": 204}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 312}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Red Sismica Dominicana del INDRHI", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IH", "operator": 737}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 732}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ida.ucsd.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/II", "name": "Global Seismograph Network - IRIS/IDA", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "II", "operator": 265}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 21}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IJ", "name": "Istanbul University Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "TR", "fdsn_code": "IJ", "operator": 146}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1320}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.iiserkol.ac.in/~seismological_observatory/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IK", "name": "IISERK Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IK", "operator": 843}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 830}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Iranian Long Period Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IL", "operator": 159}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 46}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "International Miscellaneous Stations", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "IM", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 33}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "National Seismic Network of India", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IN", "operator": 112}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 159}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.inogs.it/asain/evn", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IO", "name": "International OGS Network", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "IO", "operator": 198}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1129}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Instituto Superior Tecnico Broadband Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IP", "operator": 268}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 289}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ipoc-network.org/index.php/observatory/seismology/iquique-local-network.html", "doi": "10.14470/VD070092", "name": "Inquique Local Network", "deployment_region": "Chile", "fdsn_code": "IQ", "operator": 611}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 765}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "International Registry", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IR", "operator": 831}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 879}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Israel National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IS", "operator": 128}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 160}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ran.protezionecivile.it/IT/index.php", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IT", "name": "Italian Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "IT", "operator": 1151}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 287}, {"fields": {"website": "http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/gsn/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IU", "name": "Global Seismograph Network - IRIS/USGS", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "IU", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 22}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.13127/SD/X0FXnH7QfY", "name": "Italian National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IV", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 300}, {"fields": {"website": "http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/anss/regions/imw/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IW", "name": "Intermountain West Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IW", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 331}, {"fields": {"website": "http://isnet.fisica.unina.it/", "doi": "", "name": "Irpinia Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IX", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 627}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/IY", "name": "Rete Sismica Unical", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "IY", "operator": 794}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1335}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.iesn.org/", "doi": "", "name": "Italian Experimental Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "IZ", "operator": 233}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 827}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Red S\u00edsmica y Acelerom\u00e9trica de Jalisco", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "JA", "operator": 849}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 822}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Jorhat India Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "JI", "operator": 658}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 673}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.mona.uwi.edu/earthquake/jamseisnet.htm", "doi": "", "name": "Jamaica Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "JM", "operator": 492}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 446}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.jma.go.jp/en/quake/", "doi": "", "name": "Japan Meteorological Agency Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "JP", "operator": 523}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 473}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Jordan Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "JS", "operator": 789}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 763}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/K5", "name": "Bhutan Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "BT", "fdsn_code": "K5", "operator": 1215}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1385}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Karthala Volcano Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "Comoros", "fdsn_code": "KA", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 422}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.gpi.kit.edu/english/KABBA.php", "doi": "", "name": "Karlsruhe BroadBand Array", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "KB", "operator": 456}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 751}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.caiag.kg", "doi": "10.7914/SN/KC", "name": "Central Asian Seismic Network of CAIAG", "deployment_region": "Central Asia", "fdsn_code": "KC", "operator": 692}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 708}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/XQ297301", "name": "Decentralized onsite earthquake early warning network Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)", "deployment_region": "KG", "fdsn_code": "KD", "operator": 692}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1458}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/KE", "name": "Univerity of Nairobi, Kenya", "deployment_region": "KE", "fdsn_code": "KE", "operator": 643}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1357}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Korean Seismic Network - KIGAM", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KG", "operator": 240}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 161}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Kandilli Observatory Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KI", "operator": 709}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 946}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "\u1eccb\u00e1f\u00e9mi Aw\u00f3l\u00f3w\u00f2 University Digital Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KK", "operator": 603}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 612}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Kansas Seismic Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KM", "operator": 1048}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1086}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Kyrgyz Seismic Telemetry Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KN", "operator": 413}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 50}, {"fields": {"website": "http://bdtim.koeri.boun.edu.tr/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/KO", "name": "Bogazici University Kandilli Observatory And Earthquake Research Institute", "deployment_region": "TR", "fdsn_code": "KO", "operator": 146}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 232}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/KP", "name": "Korea Polar Observation Network", "deployment_region": "Greenland", "fdsn_code": "KP", "operator": 761}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 973}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seismo.kg", "doi": "10.7914/SN/KR", "name": "Kyrgyz Digital Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KR", "operator": 1218}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 654}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Korea National Seismography Network (KNSN-KMA)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KS", "operator": 329}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 162}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/KT", "name": "KROTONE SEISMIC NETWORK", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KT", "operator": 1273}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1640}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "King Saud University Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KU", "operator": 330}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 163}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/XI058335", "name": "Kivu Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "CD", "fdsn_code": "KV", "operator": 920}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1322}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Kuwait National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KW", "operator": 573}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 563}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/KX", "name": "Kinemetrics Experimental Network", "deployment_region": "Aliso Canyon Vault, Acton, CA", "fdsn_code": "KX", "operator": 541}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1484}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.uky.edu/KGS/geologichazards/equake3.htm", "doi": "10.7914/SN/KY", "name": "Kentucky Seismic and Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "KY", "operator": 359}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 272}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/KZ", "name": "Kazakhstan Network", "deployment_region": "Kazakhstan", "fdsn_code": "KZ", "operator": 250}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 51}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Los Angeles Basin Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LA", "operator": 83}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 164}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Leo Brady Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LB", "operator": 157}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 123}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LC", "name": "LSC (Laboratorio Subterraneo Canfranc)", "deployment_region": "Spain", "fdsn_code": "LC", "operator": 1255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 903}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/LCSN/", "doi": "", "name": "Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LD", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 124}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.lgrb.uni-freiburg.de/lgrb/Fachbereiche/erdbebendienst", "doi": "", "name": "Landeserdbebendienst Baden-Wuerttemberg", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LE", "operator": 644}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 662}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ligo.caltech.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LI", "name": "Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LI", "operator": 25}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 228}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LK", "name": "Lunitek Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "LK", "operator": 1099}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1373}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "LLNL NTS Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LL", "operator": 69}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 165}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LM", "name": "Michigan State University Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LM", "operator": 65}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1231}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ees.lanl.gov/ees11/geophysics/lasn/lasn.shtml", "doi": "", "name": "Los Alamos Seismic Network (LASN)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LN", "operator": 70}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 745}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ospl.ipl.edu.do", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LO", "name": "Observatorio Sismol\u00f3gico Polit\u00e9cnico Loyola", "deployment_region": "DO", "fdsn_code": "LO", "operator": 946}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 885}, {"fields": {"website": "http://sismosbcs.cicese.mx", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LP", "name": "La Paz, Baja California Sur, Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "MX", "fdsn_code": "LP", "operator": 888}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1389}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LR", "name": "Geophysical Research Arrays of Lebanon", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LR", "operator": 1195}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1334}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Large Aperture Seismic Array (LASA)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LS", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 166}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ipg.tl", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LT", "name": "Timor Leste Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "TL", "fdsn_code": "LT", "operator": 233}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1167}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Luxembourg Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "LU", "operator": 920}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1326}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LV", "name": "Seismic Data in North West of UK", "deployment_region": "GB", "fdsn_code": "LV", "operator": 1159}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1192}, {"fields": {"website": "http://idl.campus.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/seismology-data-sharing/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LX", "name": "University of Lisbon Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "PT", "fdsn_code": "LX", "operator": 1292}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 235}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.mewd.gov.zm", "doi": "10.7914/SN/LZ", "name": "Zambia Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "ZM", "fdsn_code": "LZ", "operator": 1077}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1202}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Generic American Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "M", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1142}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ipe.muni.cz/newweb/english/monet_en/monet_en.php", "doi": "10.14470/Z6115722", "name": "MOravia NETwork", "deployment_region": "NE Czech Republic", "fdsn_code": "M1", "operator": 887}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1394}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Macedonian Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "MA", "operator": 440}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 379}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.mbmg.mtech.edu/quakes/quake.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/MB", "name": "Montana Regional Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "MB", "operator": 331}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 167}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.uta.edu/faculty/mattioli/research/CALIPSO/Intro.html", "doi": "", "name": "Montserrat CALIPSO Borehole Network", "deployment_region": "Montserrat", "fdsn_code": "MC", "operator": 724}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 721}, {"fields": {"website": "http://igs.asm.md/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/MD", "name": "Moldova Digital Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "MD", "fdsn_code": "MD", "operator": 546}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 504}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seismo.co.me/Seismic_network.htm", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ME", "name": "Montenegrin Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ME", "operator": 1198}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 574}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.lis.ucr.ac.cr", "doi": "10.7914/SN/MF", "name": "Laboratorio de Ingenier\u00eda S\u00edsmica", "deployment_region": "CR", "fdsn_code": "MF", "operator": 472}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1218}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Network of the NorthEastern Mexico", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "MG", "operator": 140}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 730}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/MH", "name": "Mobile Earthquake Recording in Marine Areas by Independent Divers", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "MH", "operator": 5}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1435}, {"fields": {"website": "http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/nmi/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/MI", "name": "USGS Northern Mariana Islands Network", "deployment_region": "Northern Mariana Islands", "fdsn_code": "MI", "operator": 400}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 225}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Malta Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ML", "operator": 814}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1018}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.dmh.gov.mm/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/MM", "name": "Myanmar National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "MM", "fdsn_code": "MM", "operator": 1172}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1221}, {"fields": {"website": "http://mednet.rm.ingv.it/", "doi": "10.13127/SD/fBBBtDtd6q", "name": "Mediterranean Very Broadband Seismographic Network", "deployment_region": "Mediterrean Sea region", "fdsn_code": "MN", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 35}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Morocco Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "MO", "operator": 522}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 471}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/MP", "name": "Iraqi Seismic Observatory", "deployment_region": "IQ", "fdsn_code": "MP", "operator": 1225}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1418}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ipgp.fr/fr/ovsm", "doi": "", "name": "Martinique Seismic and Volcano Observatory Network", "deployment_region": "Martinique", "fdsn_code": "MQ", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 259}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mauritius Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "MR", "operator": 583}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 575}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Singapore Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "MS", "operator": 302}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 125}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ano-omiv.cnrs.fr/", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.MT", "name": "French Landslide Observatory / OMIV: Permanent seismological records on unstable slopes", "deployment_region": "FR", "fdsn_code": "MT", "operator": 570}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 746}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Miami University Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "MU", "operator": 463}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 441}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Montserrat Volcano Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "MV", "operator": 482}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 682}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/MW", "name": "Malawi National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Eastern Region", "fdsn_code": "MW", "operator": 1163}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 999}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.21766/SSNMX/SN/MX", "name": "Mexican National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "MX", "fdsn_code": "MX", "operator": 140}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 168}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Malaysian National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "MY", "operator": 368}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 283}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ceusn.ucsd.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/N4", "name": "Central and Eastern US Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "N4", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 971}, {"fields": {"website": "http://rdsa.knmi.nl/network/NA/", "doi": "10.21944/dffa7a3f-7e3a-3b33-a436-516a01b6af3f", "name": "Caribbean Netherlands Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Caribbean Netherlands", "fdsn_code": "NA", "operator": 1219}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 440}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.sistemas.ufrn.br/", "doi": "", "name": "Northeastern Brazil UFRN", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NB", "operator": 164}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 445}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ncedc.org/ncsn/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NC", "name": "USGS Northern California Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NC", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 52}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seisme.nc", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ND", "name": "New CaleDonia Broadband Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ND", "operator": 696}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 716}, {"fields": {"website": "http://aki.bc.edu/nesn.htm", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NE", "name": "New England Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "North East United States", "fdsn_code": "NE", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 169}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "North Fork Valley Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NF", "operator": 350}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 486}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Reserved for Papua New Guinea Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NG", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1134}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.gd.nrw.de/gg_le.htm", "doi": "", "name": "Geological Survey of North Rhine - Westphalia", "deployment_region": "DE", "fdsn_code": "NH", "operator": 1140}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1133}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NI", "name": "North-East Italy Broadband Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NI", "operator": 1161}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 258}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NJ", "name": "Nigerian National Network of Seismographi Stations (NNNSS)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NJ", "operator": 1145}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1013}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NK", "name": "Nepal Kathmandu", "deployment_region": "NP", "fdsn_code": "NK", "operator": 1262}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1603}, {"fields": {"website": "http://rdsa.knmi.nl/network/NL/", "doi": "10.21944/e970fd34-23b9-3411-b366-e4f72877d2c5", "name": "Netherlands Seismic and Acoustic Network", "deployment_region": "NL", "fdsn_code": "NL", "operator": 1219}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 42}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.eas.slu.edu/eqc/eqcnetwork.html", "doi": "", "name": "Cooperative New Madrid Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NM", "operator": 41}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 170}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seismo.unr.edu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NN", "name": "Nevada Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NN", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 171}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Norwegian Seismic Array Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NO", "operator": 227}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 231}, {"fields": {"website": "http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/nsmp/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NP", "name": "United States National Strong-Motion Network", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "NP", "operator": 1174}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 172}, {"fields": {"website": "http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/netquakes/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NQ", "name": "NetQuakes", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "NQ", "operator": 1174}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 747}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.geo.uu.nl/Research/Seismology/nars.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NR", "name": "NARS", "deployment_region": "M7", "fdsn_code": "NR", "operator": 145}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 173}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.geo.uib.no/seismo/nnsn/", "doi": "", "name": "Norwegian National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NS", "operator": 119}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 433}, {"fields": {"website": "https://geomag.usgs.gov/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NT", "name": "USGS Geomagnetism Program", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NT", "operator": 304}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 430}, {"fields": {"website": "http://webserver2.ineter.gob.ni/sis/monitor.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NU", "name": "Nicaraguan Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NU", "operator": 1208}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 406}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.neptunecanada.com/", "doi": "", "name": "NEPTUNE Canada", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NV", "operator": 35}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 636}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.earth.northwestern.edu/", "doi": "", "name": "Northwestern University Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NW", "operator": 33}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 965}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NX", "name": "Nanometrics Research Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NX", "operator": 343}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1149}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/NY", "name": "Yukon-Northwest Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NY", "operator": 869}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 954}, {"fields": {"website": "http://info.geonet.org.nz/display/equip/New+Zealand+National+Seismograph+Network", "doi": "", "name": "New Zealand National Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "NZ", "operator": 175}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 174}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ou.edu/content/ogs/research/earthquakes/seismicstations.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/O2", "name": "Oklahoma Consolidated Temporary Seismic Networks", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "O2", "operator": 1194}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1439}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "AusArray Transportable Array", "deployment_region": "AU", "fdsn_code": "OA", "operator": 1139}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1371}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Osservatorio Sismico \"A. Bina\"", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "OB", "operator": 842}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 810}, {"fields": {"website": "http://sismo.conicet.gov.ar", "doi": "", "name": "Observatorio Sismol\u00f3gico CIGEOBIO CONICET", "deployment_region": "AR", "fdsn_code": "OC", "operator": 1270}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1633}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.zamg.ac.at/cms/en/geophysics/seismic-network-of-austria", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OE", "name": "Austrian Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "AT", "fdsn_code": "OE", "operator": 1247}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 205}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water Column Observatory - France", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "OF", "operator": 1155}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1734}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sismalp", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "OG", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 825}, {"fields": {"website": "http://geosurvey.ohiodnr.gov/earthquakes-ohioseis/ohioseis-home", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OH", "name": "Ohio Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Ohio", "fdsn_code": "OH", "operator": 281}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 246}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ou.edu/content/ogs/research/earthquakes/seismicstations.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OK", "name": "Oklahoma Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "OK", "operator": 1194}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 599}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OL", "name": "Cornegliano Laudense Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "OL", "operator": 198}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1226}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.squ.edu.om/emc", "doi": "", "name": "Earthquake Monitoring Program of Oman", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "OM", "operator": 333}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 229}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.rsis1.on.br/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ON", "name": "Rede Sismogr\u00e1fica do Sul e do Sudeste", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ON", "operator": 138}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 799}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.oceanobservatories.org/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OO", "name": "Ocean Observatories Initiative", "deployment_region": "Juan de Fuca Plate", "fdsn_code": "OO", "operator": 417}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 975}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OQ", "name": "Oklahoma Structural and Site Effects Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "OQ", "operator": 399}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1393}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.obsis.unb.br/", "doi": "", "name": "Seismological Observatory, Brasilia Brazil", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "OS", "operator": 260}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 454}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.otrions.uniba.it", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OT", "name": "OTRIONS", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "OT", "operator": 1165}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1207}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ovsicori.una.ac.cr/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OV", "name": "Observatorio Vulcanol\u00f3gico y Sismol\u00f3gico de Costa Rica", "deployment_region": "CR", "fdsn_code": "OV", "operator": 1265}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 466}, {"fields": {"website": "http://rts.crs.inogs.it/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OX", "name": "North-East Italy Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "OX", "operator": 1160}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1194}, {"fields": {"website": "http://rts.crs.inogs.it/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/OY", "name": "OGS Mobile LAB", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "OY", "operator": 198}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1660}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SRC eqServer", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "OZ", "operator": 1146}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1153}, {"fields": {"website": "http://redsismicabaru.com/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/PA", "name": "ChiriNet", "deployment_region": "PA", "fdsn_code": "PA", "operator": 1266}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 317}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Plate Boundary Observatory Borehole Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PB", "operator": 370}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 327}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Panama Canal Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PC", "operator": 489}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 443}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.igf.edu.pl/en/monitoring_geofizyczny/monitoring_sejsmiczny_polski", "doi": "", "name": "Polish Seismic Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PD", "operator": 131}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 581}, {"fields": {"website": "http://eqseis.geosc.psu.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/PE", "name": "Pennsylvania State Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PE", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 330}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ipgp.fr/ovpf", "doi": "", "name": "Piton de la Fournaise Volcano Observatory Network (Reunion Island)", "deployment_region": "RE", "fdsn_code": "PF", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 553}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ncedc.org/pge/", "doi": "", "name": "Central Coast Seismic Network, PG&E", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PG", "operator": 334}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 175}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Puna Geothermal Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PH", "operator": 26}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 462}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PASSCAL Pier Test Data", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PI", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 217}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Micro Seismic Monitoring System of Northern Areas of Pakistan", "deployment_region": "CN", "fdsn_code": "PK", "operator": 634}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 632}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.igf.edu.pl/pl/zaklady_naukowe/sejsmologii_i_fizyki_wnetrza_ziemi/stacje_i_obserwatoria_sejsmologiczne", "doi": "", "name": "Polish Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PL", "operator": 131}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 176}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.meteo.pt/en/sismologia/redes/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/PM", "name": "Portuguese National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PM", "operator": 252}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 442}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.indiana.edu/~pepp/", "doi": "", "name": "PEPP-Indiana", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PN", "operator": 34}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 227}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.polarisnet.ca/network/polaris-network-locations.html", "doi": "", "name": "Portable Observatories for Lithospheric Analysis and Research Investigating Seismicity", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PO", "operator": 35}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 222}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Princeton Earth Physics Program", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PP", "operator": 5}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 177}, {"fields": {"website": "http://redsismica.uprm.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/PR", "name": "Puerto Rico Seismic Network & Puerto Rico Strong Motion Program", "deployment_region": "Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands", "fdsn_code": "PR", "operator": 1192}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 178}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Pacific21", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PS", "operator": 115}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 39}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Pacific Tsunami Warning Seismic System", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PT", "operator": 235}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 179}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "INGEMMET", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PU", "operator": 590}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 579}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Philippine Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PV", "operator": 695}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 713}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.panga.cwu.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/PW", "name": "Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "PW", "operator": 80}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1135}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Parkfield Experiment Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "PX", "operator": 26}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 180}, {"fields": {"website": "http://eqinfo.ucsd.edu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/PY", "name": "Pi\u00f1on Flats Observatory Array", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "PY", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 963}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/PZ", "name": "Prince Islands Real-time Earthquake monitoring System", "deployment_region": "Turkey", "fdsn_code": "PZ", "operator": 1202}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 842}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.caa.gov.qa/en/meteorology", "doi": "", "name": "Qatar Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "QA", "operator": 1041}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 934}, {"fields": {"website": "http://qcn.stanford.edu/", "doi": "", "name": "Quake Catcher Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "QC", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 711}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Comoros Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "KM", "fdsn_code": "QM", "operator": 1261}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1602}, {"fields": {"website": "https://www.erris.gov.ro/Seismo-acoustic-network", "doi": "10.7914/SN/R1", "name": "Romanian Infrasound Network", "deployment_region": "RO", "fdsn_code": "R1", "operator": 177}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1606}, {"fields": {"website": "http://rap.resif.fr/?lang=en", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.RA", "name": "R\u00e9seau Acc\u00e9l\u00e9rom\u00e9trique Permanent (French Accelerometrique Network)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RA", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 461}, {"fields": {"website": "http://sismologia.cicese.mx/Redes/Resban.html", "doi": "", "name": "Red S\u00edsmica de Banda Ancha", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RB", "operator": 12}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 320}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/RC", "name": "BYU-Idaho Network", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "RC", "operator": 734}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 181}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www-dase.cea.fr/public/dossiers_thematiques/alerte_aux_forts_seismes/description_en.html", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.RD", "name": "CEA/DASE Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RD", "operator": 490}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 666}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "US Bureau of Reclamation Seismic Networks", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RE", "operator": 202}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 182}, {"fields": {"website": "http://rtweb.units.it/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/RF", "name": "Friuli Venezia Giulia Accelerometric Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RF", "operator": 174}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 444}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/RG", "name": "Upper-Rhine Graben Geothermal Network", "deployment_region": "FR", "fdsn_code": "RG", "operator": 1164}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1206}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "National Seismic Network of Argentina", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RI", "operator": 827}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 939}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Rede S\u00edsmica e Geomagn\u00e9tica do Rio de Janeiro", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RJ", "operator": 138}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1028}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.geodesy.cwu.edu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/RK", "name": "NASA READI Kinematic GPS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RK", "operator": 80}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1237}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.rimes.int/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/RM", "name": "Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System", "deployment_region": "Asia", "fdsn_code": "RM", "operator": 879}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 832}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.gmg.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/geophysik/seismology/research/", "doi": "", "name": "RuhrNet", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RN", "operator": 120}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 726}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.infp.ro/retea-seismica-nationala/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/RO", "name": "Romanian Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "RO", "fdsn_code": "RO", "operator": 177}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 261}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Universidad de Panama Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RP", "operator": 494}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 448}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/RR", "name": "Reti accelerometriche centri storici italiani", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "RR", "operator": 1230}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1434}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/RS", "name": "Regional Seismic Test Network", "deployment_region": "North America", "fdsn_code": "RS", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 31}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Kamchatka Tsunami Warning Sesimic Network", "deployment_region": "Russian Federation", "fdsn_code": "RT", "operator": 263}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 977}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ags.aer.ca/activities/earthquake-monitoring.htm", "doi": "10.7914/SN/RV", "name": "Regional Alberta Observatory for Earthquake Studies Network", "deployment_region": "Alberta, Canada", "fdsn_code": "RV", "operator": 1179}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1011}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Rwanda National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "RW", "fdsn_code": "RW", "operator": 1281}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1677}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Yakutain Branch of Russian Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "RY", "operator": 916}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 860}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.iris.edu/hq/ssn/schools", "doi": "", "name": "Seismographs in Schools Network", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "S", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 807}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ausis.edu.au/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/S1", "name": "Australian Seismometers in Schools", "deployment_region": "AU", "fdsn_code": "S1", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1570}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Saudi Arabia Broadband Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SA", "operator": 336}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 183}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.nees.ucsb.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SB", "name": "UC Santa Barbara Engineering Seismology Network", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "SB", "operator": 42}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 302}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ees.nmt.edu/outside/Geop/NMTSO.html", "doi": "", "name": "New Mexico Tech Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SC", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 184}, {"fields": {"website": "https://seismicfocalpoint.slb.com", "doi": "", "name": "Schlumberger", "deployment_region": "M7", "fdsn_code": "SD", "operator": 1239}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1516}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Southeastern Appalachian Cooperative Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SE", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 185}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.earthscope.org/observatories/safod", "doi": "", "name": "San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SF", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 322}, {"fields": {"website": "http://igets.u-strasbg.fr/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SG", "name": "International Geodynamics and Earth Tide Service", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "SG", "operator": 1142}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 314}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SH", "name": "Shumagin-East Aleutian Network", "deployment_region": "Alaska, United States", "fdsn_code": "SH", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1101}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Province S\u00fcdtirol", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SI", "operator": 150}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 467}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Serbian Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SJ", "operator": 443}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 382}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seismology.sk/National_Network/national_network_A.html", "doi": "10.14470/FX099882", "name": "Slovak National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SK", "operator": 296}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 248}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.arso.gov.si/potresi/mre%C5%BEa%20potresnih%20opazovalnic/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SL", "name": "Seismic Network of the Republic of Slovenia", "deployment_region": "SI", "fdsn_code": "SL", "operator": 1197}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 186}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.isesd.hi.is/", "doi": "", "name": "Icelandic Strong Motion Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SM", "operator": 289}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1005}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seismo.unr.edu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SN", "name": "Southern Great Basin Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SN", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 187}, {"fields": {"website": "http://sopac.ucsd.edu", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SO", "name": "Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SO", "operator": 265}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1238}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seis.sc.edu/scepp/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SP", "name": "South Carolina Earth Physics Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SP", "operator": 31}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 201}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SR", "name": "Seismic Research Observatory", "deployment_region": "Global", "fdsn_code": "SR", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 30}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SINGLE STATION", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SS", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 188}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.protezionecivile.tn.it", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ST", "name": "Trentino Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Italy", "fdsn_code": "ST", "operator": 1111}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 938}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sandia Seismo-Acoustic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SU", "operator": 157}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 887}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.snet.gob.sv/ver/sismologia/", "doi": "", "name": "Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales (SNET), El Salvador", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SV", "operator": 410}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 334}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.sisv.gov.sb", "doi": "", "name": "Solomon Islands Seismology & Volcanology Network", "deployment_region": "SB", "fdsn_code": "SW", "operator": 1242}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1533}, {"fields": {"website": "http://linap6.geo.uni-leipzig.de/sxweb", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SX", "name": "SXNET Saxon Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SX", "operator": 318}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 595}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Synthetic Seismograms", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "SY", "operator": 1}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 821}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/SZ", "name": "RIMES", "deployment_region": "PH", "fdsn_code": "SZ", "operator": 879}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1410}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ipe.muni.cz/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/T1", "name": "IPE_ETE", "deployment_region": "CZ", "fdsn_code": "T1", "operator": 887}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1414}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Rete Accelerometrica Terna", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "T3", "operator": 1288}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1696}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University Earthquake Research Center", "deployment_region": "TR", "fdsn_code": "T4", "operator": 625}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1358}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.earthscope.org/observatories/usarray", "doi": "10.7914/SN/TA", "name": "USArray Transportable Array", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "TA", "operator": 1144}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 275}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/TB", "name": "MRC Earth and Marine Sciences Network", "deployment_region": "TR", "fdsn_code": "TB", "operator": 647}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1259}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.rsn.ucr.ac.cr/", "doi": "10.15517/TC", "name": "Red Sismol\u00f3gica Nacional de Costa Rica", "deployment_region": "CR", "fdsn_code": "TC", "operator": 472}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 811}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.transalta.com/", "doi": "", "name": "TransAlta Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "TD", "operator": 1068}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1059}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/TE", "name": "EGAT Dams Seismic Monitoring System", "deployment_region": "TH", "fdsn_code": "TE", "operator": 1138}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1119}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/TG", "name": "Royal Irrigation Department", "deployment_region": "TH", "fdsn_code": "TG", "operator": 1162}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1200}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.geophysik.uni-jena.de/Einrichtungen+_+Labore/Th%C3%BCringer+Seismologisches+Netz.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/TH", "name": "Th\u00fcringer Seismologisches Netz", "deployment_region": "DE", "fdsn_code": "TH", "operator": 693}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 709}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Centro Sismologico de America Central", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "TI", "operator": 472}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 425}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/TJ", "name": "Tajikistan National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Tajikistan", "fdsn_code": "TJ", "operator": 659}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 677}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "National Strong-Motion Network of Turkey (TR-NSMN)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "TK", "operator": 1075}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 896}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.kocaeli.edu.tr/yubam/", "doi": "", "name": "Armutlu Local Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Turkey", "fdsn_code": "TL", "operator": 356}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1033}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Thai Seismic Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "TM", "operator": 622}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 650}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Eastern Tennessee Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "TN", "operator": 338}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 189}, {"fields": {"website": "http://web.gps.caltech.edu/~clay/MexWeb/MexSubduction.html", "doi": "10.7909/C3RN35SP", "name": "Tectonic Observatory - MASE, VEOX , PeruSE, CCSE", "deployment_region": "Mexico", "fdsn_code": "TO", "operator": 25}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 376}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Rete di monitoraggio microsismico installata presso la concessione Gorgoglione", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "TP", "operator": 1277}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1650}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Eastern Caribbean Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "Eastern Caribbean", "fdsn_code": "TR", "operator": 482}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 429}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TERRAscope (Southern California Seismic Network)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "TS", "operator": 25}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 47}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Network of Tunisia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "TT", "operator": 605}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 614}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "National Seismic Network of Turkey (DDA)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "TU", "operator": 596}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 592}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "INGV experiments network", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "TV", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 693}, {"fields": {"website": "http://bats.earth.sinica.edu.tw/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/TW", "name": "Broadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "TW", "operator": 121}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 126}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/TX", "name": "Texas Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "United States, Texas", "fdsn_code": "TX", "operator": 1170}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1217}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/TZ", "name": "Ol Doinyo Lengai, TZ Volcano Monitoring", "deployment_region": "TZ", "fdsn_code": "TZ", "operator": 1186}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1430}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Caribbean Andesite Lava Island Precision Seismo-geodetic Observatory", "deployment_region": "Montserrat", "fdsn_code": "UA", "operator": 435}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 375}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UB", "name": "University of Zimbabwe 1", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UB", "operator": 1223}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1417}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ucol.mx/volcan/monitoreo.php", "doi": "", "name": "Colima Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UC", "operator": 320}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 190}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UD", "name": "Seismic Network Main Center of Special Monitoring", "deployment_region": "UA", "fdsn_code": "UD", "operator": 1260}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1595}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismological Network of United Arab Emirates", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UE", "operator": 903}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 849}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ncedc.org/geysers/", "doi": "", "name": "Unocal Geothermal Northern California Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UG", "operator": 321}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 191}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.isla.hawaii.edu/", "doi": "", "name": "UH Infrasound Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UH", "operator": 64}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 855}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "North Idaho Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UI", "operator": 390}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 301}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.le.ac.uk/seis-uk/school_resources.html", "doi": "", "name": "UK Schools Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UK", "operator": 187}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 394}, {"fields": {"website": "http://quake.geo.berkeley.edu/ul/ul.overview.html", "doi": "", "name": "USGS Low Frequency Geophysical Data Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UL", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 192}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UM", "name": "University of Montana Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UM", "operator": 90}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1470}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UN", "name": "Uganda National Seismological Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UN", "operator": 1201}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1356}, {"fields": {"website": "https://pnsn.org", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UO", "name": "University of Oregon and Pacific Northwest Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "UO", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 193}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.snsn.se/", "doi": "10.18159/SNSN", "name": "Swedish National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "SE", "fdsn_code": "UP", "operator": 161}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 194}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UR", "name": "UKArray", "deployment_region": "GB", "fdsn_code": "UR", "operator": 127}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1141}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/US", "name": "United States National Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "US", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 34}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.seis.utah.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UU", "name": "University of Utah Regional Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UU", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 131}, {"fields": {"website": "http://osso.univalle.edu.co", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UV", "name": "Red Sismol\u00f3gica del Suroccidente Colombiano ", "deployment_region": "CO", "fdsn_code": "UV", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1744}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.pnsn.org/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UW", "name": "Pacific Northwest Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UW", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 48}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ogu.fcien.edu.uy", "doi": "10.7914/SN/UY", "name": "Observatorio Geofisico del Uruguay", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UY", "operator": 1116}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 997}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Uzbekistan Digital Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "UZ", "operator": 528}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 477}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/VA", "name": "VAL D'AGRI NETWORK", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "VA", "operator": 1271}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1638}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.sernageomin.cl/", "doi": "", "name": "Red Nacional de Vigilancia Volc\u00e1nica Chile (VC)", "deployment_region": "CL", "fdsn_code": "VC", "operator": 1152}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1173}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/VD", "name": "High Agri Valley geophysical Observatory", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "VD", "operator": 1207}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1621}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/VE", "name": "Red Sismol\u00f3gica Satelital Nacional", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "VE", "operator": 396}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 319}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/VG", "name": "Seismic Network of the Indonesian Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation", "deployment_region": "ID", "fdsn_code": "VG", "operator": 1153}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1177}, {"fields": {"website": "http://en.vedur.is/earthquakes-and-volcanism/earthquakes/", "doi": "", "name": "Icelandic National Digital Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "VI", "operator": 166}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 403}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/VL", "name": "Vale SA Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "VL", "operator": 111}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1374}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/VO", "name": "CAVONE SEISMIC NETWORK", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "VO", "operator": 1272}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1639}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/VR", "name": "Virgo Interferometric Antenna for Gravitational Waves Detection", "deployment_region": "IT", "fdsn_code": "VR", "operator": 1259}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1593}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/VT", "name": "Taiwan Volcano Observatory", "deployment_region": "TW", "fdsn_code": "VT", "operator": 1216}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1391}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Vanuatu Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "VU", "operator": 733}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 729}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "West Central Argentina Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "WA", "operator": 305}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 646}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ig.cas.cz/struktura/oddeleni/seismika/zapadoceska-zemetreseni", "doi": "10.7914/SN/WB", "name": "West Bohemia Local Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "CZ", "fdsn_code": "WB", "operator": 379}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 826}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Curacao Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "Curacao", "fdsn_code": "WC", "operator": 1045}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 918}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.18715/antilles.WI", "name": "West Indies French Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "West Indies", "fdsn_code": "WI", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1063}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Wake Island Hydrophone Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "WK", "operator": 64}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 195}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/JZ581150", "name": "Western Mediterranean Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "WM", "operator": 444}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 405}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "California Division of Water Resources", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "WR", "operator": 322}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 196}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Network of Repuplika Srpska", "deployment_region": "BA", "fdsn_code": "WS", "operator": 813}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 777}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.gp.uwo.ca/docs/stationmap.html", "doi": "", "name": "The Southern Ontario Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "WU", "operator": 178}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 873}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/WY", "name": "Yellowstone National Park Seismograph Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "WY", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 127}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Development and Testing of a Deep-Water, Acoustically-Linked, Moored- Buoy Seafloor Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X1", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1087}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Aysen Chile Aftershock Deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X1", "operator": 342}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 572}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Carbon Sequestration Technical Assessemnt-Pennsylvania", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X1", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 667}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X1_2011", "name": "Byrd Lake Reflection Seismics - Cresis", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X1", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1068}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "R\u00e9union Hotspot and Upper Mantle Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X1", "operator": 365}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1054}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X1_2017", "name": "Upper Geyser Basin Imaging Experiment FALL 2017", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X1", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1429}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X1_2019", "name": "SAGE investigations of the Valles Caldera", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X1", "operator": 304}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1656}, {"fields": {"website": "http://english.igg.cas.cn", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X2_2005", "name": "NCISP4", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X2", "operator": 1147}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1163}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Martinique 2007 Aftershock Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X2", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 573}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X2_2009", "name": "Seismic Analysis of the HiKurangi Experimentm Wellington Geophysical Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X2", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 675}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X2_2011", "name": "Seismic Wide-Angle across the RIFT", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X2", "operator": 854}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1304}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Haida Gwaii OBS Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X2", "operator": 630}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1007}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sunset Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X2", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 943}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Lake Pontchantrain Wind-Wave Monitoring Deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X2", "operator": 759}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1269}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X2_2017", "name": "Tarim Array for lithoSpheric signaTure of mantle plumE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X2", "operator": 1150}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1471}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X3_2006", "name": "TAIGER active source explosion pilot test", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X3", "operator": 83}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1367}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X3_2007", "name": "Understanding the current thinning and accelerration of the Jakobshavns Isbrae, Greenland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X3", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 304}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X3_2013", "name": "MARINER: Seismic Investigation of the Rainbow Hydrothermal Field", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X3", "operator": 64}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 953}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X3_2015", "name": "Momotombo 2015-2016", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X3", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1278}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X3_2018", "name": "Seismic Characterization and Tracking of Flash Floods in a Post-Fire Arid Canyon System", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X3", "operator": 651}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1483}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "INGV emergency seismic network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X3", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1657}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TIPTEQ-Seismology (South)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X4", "operator": 238}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1567}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X4_2007", "name": "Deep Structure of the Northeastern Tibet Collision Zone: INDEPTH IV", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X4", "operator": 60}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 583}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Gulf of Mexico Basin Opening", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X4", "operator": 43}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 850}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X4_2016", "name": "Monitoring Active Faults for Tectonic Mapping Efforts in Washington State", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X4", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1262}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X5_2005", "name": "Hole 1256D VSP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X5", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1513}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Hudson Bay Lithospheric Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X5", "operator": 135}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 576}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "IGC Geothermal Test Site", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X5", "operator": 120}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1070}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X5_2015", "name": "Lefkada temporary network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X5", "operator": 458}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1264}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X5_2017", "name": "Lemon Creek Glacier - UTEP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X5", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1431}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X5_2018", "name": "Determining the Shear Wave Velocity structure of Shallow Marine Sediments utilizing the MASW method", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X5", "operator": 1252}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1577}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X5_2019", "name": "Bedload Monitoring of Ephemeral Streams", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X5", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1659}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X6_2007", "name": "SLIP - Seismic Lithospheric Imaging of the Puna Plateau", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X6", "operator": 648}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 590}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "MonaSeis", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X6", "operator": 776}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 750}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X6_2012", "name": "Evolution and hydration of the Juan de Fuca crust and uppermost mantle", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X6", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 964}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X6_2013", "name": "Collaborative Research: Unlocking the Seismic Signature of Rivers", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X6", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 935}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X6_2014", "name": "Homestake Gold Mine Three-dimensional, Broadband Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X6", "operator": 389}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1088}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Experimental Multiblast", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X6", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1517}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X6_2019", "name": "Seismic Observations of Glacier Creek to Infer Timing and Magnitude of Bedload Transport", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X6", "operator": 1279}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1654}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X7_2007", "name": "Seismic Monitoring of Active Rock Fall Source Areas in the Yosemite National Park", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X7", "operator": 74}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 594}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.X72010", "name": "PYRenean Observational Portable Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X7", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 754}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X7_2016", "name": "Wallowa Uplift & Origin of the columbia River Basalts", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X7", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1282}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X7_2019", "name": "FORGE Phase2C Stimulation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X7", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1662}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Studies of Earthquakes & Rapid Motions of Ice", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X8", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 606}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X8_2011", "name": "Coulman High VSP, Antarctica, 2010", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X8", "operator": 42}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1305}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X8_2012", "name": "Deep Structure of Three Continental Sutures in Eastern North America", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X8", "operator": 417}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1015}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/K37563128245", "name": "SMARTIE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X8", "operator": 456}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1619}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X9_2004", "name": "Monitoring an active rift system at the front of the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X9", "operator": 366}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 368}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X9_2008", "name": "Dallas Earthquake Swarm", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X9", "operator": 73}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 607}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X9_2012", "name": "Plate Boundary Evolution and Physics at an Oceanic Transform Fault System", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X9", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 998}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/K47560642124", "name": "Klyuchevskoy volcanic group experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X9", "operator": 795}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1266}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X9_2017", "name": "Moment tensor inversion, perforation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X9", "operator": 157}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1445}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/X9_2019", "name": "Bedload Monitoring of Ephemeral Streams (seed)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "X9", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1663}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_1969", "name": "Apollo Passive Seismic Experiments", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 269}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 226}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_1979", "name": "Gulf of California Oblique Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1491}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Costa Rica Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1472}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PANDA -- San Juan, Argentina Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 103}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_1990", "name": "Pi\u00f1on Flats Small Aperture Array, High Frequency Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 56}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_1991", "name": "Pi\u00f1on Flats Small Aperture Array, Broadband Triggered Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 481}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_1992", "name": "Joshua Tree Aftershock", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 57}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_1993", "name": "Non Proliferation Experiment (Chemical Kiloton at NTS)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 58}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_1994", "name": "Northridge Aftershock Studies", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 59}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_1995", "name": "Missouri to Massachusetts Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 60}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_1997", "name": "Anatomy of an Archean Craton, South Africa, A Multidisciplinary Experiment across the Kaapvaal Craton", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 61}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_2000", "name": "LIGO Noise Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 129}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_2002", "name": "Bhutan Pilot Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 237}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_2004", "name": "Taylor Glacier Calving, Collaborative Research: Mechanics of Dry-Land Calving of Ice Glaciers", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 348}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_2008", "name": "Central Oregon Locked Zone Array, Monitoring seismicity associated with a possible asperity on the Cascadia megathrust", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 533}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_2010", "name": "Sismic Imaging of the Moroccan Atlas", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 854}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1294}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_2011", "name": "Using Fault-Zone Trapped Waves to Document Subsuface Rock Damage Caused by the M6.3 Earthquake in Ne", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 83}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1215}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "AIDA_Maine", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1706}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/sed/networks/xa", "name": "GANSSER: Swiss BB seismic experiment in Bhutan", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 921}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XA_2017", "name": "The Caucasus Seismic Network: The Uplift and Structure of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XA", "operator": 648}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1351}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Viking Mission", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 956}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_1985", "name": "Son of BOSE Oblique Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1492}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "UC Mammoth/Long Valley network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 105}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_1992", "name": "Landers Aftershocks", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 62}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_1993", "name": "Southwest Pacific Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 63}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_1996", "name": "A study of the Abitibi-Greenville lithoshpere by teleseismic analyses", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 64}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_1997", "name": "Seismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica, A Broadband study of the tectonics and structure of the Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Sea Regions", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 73}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_2000", "name": "Array studies of anisotropy and converted phases in the Marlborough Fault Zone of New Zealand", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 132}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_2003", "name": "Magdalena Ridge Observatory site noise study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 260}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_2005", "name": "Broadband Seismic Investigation of the Cameroon Volcanic Line", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 310}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Costa Rica Active Source OBS Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 535}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_2009", "name": "Program to Investigate Convective Alboran Sea System Overturn", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 616}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XB_2014", "name": "Sweetwater Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 18}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1020}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.18715/SEIS.INSIGHT.XB_2016", "name": "InSight Mission Data", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XB", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 922}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_1977", "name": "Blake-Bahama Oblique Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1493}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Refraction Surveys in the Livermore Valley and the Santa Cruz Mountain, California", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1716}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_1987", "name": "SouthWest Indian Ridge VSP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1514}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "RESERVED", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 104}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_1991", "name": "Tibetan Plateau Passive-Source Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 65}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PANDA -- Hawaii Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 108}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_1994", "name": "Olympics", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 66}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_1995", "name": "Cooperative Project on South Island New Zealand", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 67}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Namibia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 120}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_2000", "name": "Geodynamics of the Yellowstone Hotspot from Seismic and GPS imaging", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 134}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_2002", "name": "Geodynamics of Indentor Corners", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 244}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Geodynamics of the Tibetan Plateau and the Origin of Great Earthquakes in Western China", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 301}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 266}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_2006", "name": "Collaborative Research: Understanding the causes of continental intraplate tectonomagmatism: A case study in the Pacific Northwest", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 67}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 414}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_2011", "name": "Pacaya Tremor", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 755}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XC_2012", "name": "Observing Pine Island Glacier (PIG) ice shelf deformation and fracture using a GPS and Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 845}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 812}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.moho.iag.usp.br/", "doi": "", "name": "Pantanal, Chaco and Paran\u00e1 (PCPB) structural studies network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XC", "operator": 593}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1223}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_1979", "name": "Galopogas Oblique Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1497}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ds.iris.edu/data/reports/2000/00-007/", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic-Refraction Profiles in the Western Mojave Desert, California", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 1}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1717}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_1989", "name": "Low Frequency Acoustic Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1515}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tararua BB Array, New Zealand", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 107}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_1994", "name": "Seismic investigations of the Lithospheric Structure of the Tanzanian Craton", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 68}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_1996", "name": "Seismic study of the Iceland hotspot", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 69}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_1999", "name": "Natural Seismicity Investigation of Active Continental Breakup in the Woodlark Basin", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 79}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_2001", "name": "Broadband Seismic Studies of Dome Growth at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 206}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_2002", "name": "Broadband Seismic Experiment in Various Regions in China", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 247}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_2007", "name": "Development of A Power and Communication for Remote Autonomous GPS and Seismic Stations in Antarctica", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 469}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_2011", "name": "Passive seismic study of a magma-dominated rift: the Salton Trough", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 758}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_2014", "name": "Collaborative Research: Illuminating the architecture of the greater Mount St. Helens magmatic systems from slab to surface", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 908}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_2017", "name": "Maupasacq", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 1155}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1359}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Alaska Community OBS Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": 1196}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1402}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XD_2020", "name": "Earthquakes_IINGENUNAM_DEV", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XD", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1747}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PANDA -- New Madrid Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 106}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_1994", "name": "BBand Andean Joint Exp. / Seismic Exploration of Deep Andes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 70}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_1996", "name": "Iceland Plate Boundary Hazard Survey", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Eifel Plume", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 117}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_1999", "name": "Broadband Experiment Across the Alaska Range", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 93}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Torfajokull 2002", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 295}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 249}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_2003", "name": "Geodynamics of Indentor Corners", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 267}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_2005", "name": "Sierra Nevada EarthScope Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 446}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 388}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TICO-CAVA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 539}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_2009", "name": "Sierra Negra Array Galapagos", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 539}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 620}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_2012", "name": "Seismic Activity of Low Angle Normal Faults in Death Valley, Caifornia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 831}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_2015", "name": "Study of the Socorro Magma Body", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1113}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_2016", "name": "Pedernales", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 1137}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1246}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Pacific Array - Haxby", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1403}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XE_2020", "name": "High Resolution Imaging of the Pedernales Earthquake Rupture Zone - Nodes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XE", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1748}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Anza Borehole Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 2}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XF_1994", "name": "Peninsular Range", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 72}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XF_1995", "name": "Antarctic Microearthquake Project, Monitoring of Ice Stream C, West Antarctica", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 3}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GEDEPTH-II", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 118}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Laramie Telemetered Broad-band Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 136}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XF_2002", "name": "Collaborative Research: Lithospheric Scale Dynamics of Active Mountain Building along the Himalayan-Tibetan Collision Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 251}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XF_2006", "name": "Mapping the Rivera Subduction Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 416}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Red Seismological Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 113}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 567}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XF_2009", "name": "Collaborative Research: Relating glacier-generated seismicity to ice motion, basal processes and iceberg calving.", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 621}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XF_2012", "name": "Mantle serpentinization and water cycling through the Mariana Trench and Forearc", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 11}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 837}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XF_2014", "name": "Understanding Precambrian to Present Assembly of Greenland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 290}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 967}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XF_2017", "name": "INFRA-ETNA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 342}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1378}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Hazard in Tanzanian Rift", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": 1155}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1444}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XF_2020", "name": "High Resolution Imaging of the Pedernales Earthquake Rupture Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XF", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1749}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XG_1992", "name": "Rocky Mountain Front II", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 296}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Anisotropy AI", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 110}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XG_1995", "name": "Nanga Parbat Pakistan, Crustal Reworking During Orogeny: An Active System Himalayan Perspective", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 4}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Amazon", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 119}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XG_1999", "name": "Eastern Turkey Seismic Experiment: Lithospheric Structure in an Active Continental Collision Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 94}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XG_2002", "name": "A Comparative Study of Natural and Man-Induced Seismicity in the Yanquing-Huailai Basin and the Haicheng Area", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 252}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XG_2009", "name": "Cascadia Array of Arrays", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 630}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Underground Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 389}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 853}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.XG2014", "name": "Barcelonnette 2014 aftershock sequence", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 272}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1022}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XG_2015", "name": "Colorado River Runoff Pilot Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1148}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ficm.uta.edu.ec", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XG_2016", "name": "Universidad Tecnica de Ambato", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 1182}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1244}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XG_2017", "name": "San Bernardino Basin (USGS) - Jan 2017 nodal deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 57}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1372}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XG_2018", "name": "Rattlesnake Ridge 2018", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1448}, {"fields": {"website": "https://icewaveguide.osug.fr", "doi": "", "name": "Svalbard - Vallunden", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": 262}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1581}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TopoBhutan", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XG", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1750}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XH_1994", "name": "Colorado Plateau-Great Basin Network, Basin & Range Add On", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 5}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XH_1996", "name": "Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 85}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TransAlp-1", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 121}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ISSA2000", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 122}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "START", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 208}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XH_2002", "name": "Integrated Seismological Studies of Crust and Upper Mantle Structure in Western Anatolia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 253}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XH_2004", "name": "Seismic Array Studies of Cascadia Deep Tremor", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 307}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Cascade Tiltmeter Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 80}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 377}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XH_2007", "name": "Hawaiian South Flank Slow EQ Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 478}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XH_2008", "name": "Eastern Sierras Pampeanas, Lithospheric Structure above the variably dipping Nazca Slab", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 48}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 571}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/sed/networks/xh", "name": "Seismic Survey of Greeland Icesheet Margins", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 577}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 742}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XH_2012", "name": "Small aperture array for observing a slow slip event on Kilauea volcano.", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 835}, {"fields": {"website": "https://scripps.ucsd.edu/centers/iceshelfvibes/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XH_2014", "name": "Collaborative Research: Collaborative Research: Dynamic Response of the Ross Ice Shelf to Ocean Waves and Structure and Dynamics of the Ross Sea from a Passive Seismic Deployment on the Ross Ice Shelf", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 265}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1006}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ipgp.fr/fr/ovsm/observatoire-volcanologique-sismologique-de-martinique", "doi": "", "name": "PREST in Cuba", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XH", "operator": 345}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1451}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GEDEPTH 1", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 111}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XI_1995", "name": "Broadband Seismic Characterization of the Arabian Shield", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 6}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XI_1998", "name": "Study of Changbai Volcanoes and Deep Subduction Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 90}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XI_2000", "name": "Seismic Investigation of Deep Structure Beneath the Ethiopian Plateau and Afar Depression", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 133}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TAG Hydrothermal Mound Passive Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 268}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "3D Tomographic Imaging of the Chicxulub Crater", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 299}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 383}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XI_2006", "name": "South Pole Analysis of Machines, Characterization of High Frequency Noise Generated at the South Pole Station, Antarctica", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 420}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XI_2007", "name": "Collision of the Burma Arc accretionary prism and foldbelt with the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta in Bangladesh", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 479}, {"fields": {"website": "http://geophysics.earth.northwestern.edu/SPREE/Welcome.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XI_2011", "name": "Superior Province Rifting Earthscope Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 33}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 766}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XI_2014", "name": "Long Beach Broadband or LA Syncline Seismic Interferometry Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 1093}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 910}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Enid OK Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1150}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XI_2018", "name": "Instrumentation for Multidisciplinary Monitoring of an Alaskan Peatland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XI", "operator": 1232}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1447}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_1988", "name": "Argo Abyssal Plain VSP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1512}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "RESERVED", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 112}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_1995", "name": "Adirondack Broadband Campaign", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 7}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_1997", "name": "The Sierran Paradox Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 8}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_1998", "name": "Side Edge of Kamchatka Subduction", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 75}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_2000", "name": "Eastern Snake River Plain Experiment, Shear-wave Splitting in the Snake River Plain", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 199}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Ethiopian Afar Geophysical Lithospheric Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 282}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 255}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Experiment in the Aisen Region of Chile", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 311}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tomo TEIDEVS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 342}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 480}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_2008", "name": "Wells, Nevada Aftershock Recording", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 308}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.XJ2009", "name": "L' Aquila Aftershock Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 628}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_2010", "name": "High-resolution imaging of magma transport at the summit of Kilauea Volcano", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 649}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 668}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Gulf of Mexico Hydrates Research Consortium", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 771}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_2012", "name": "Fuego Volcano VLP and Tilt Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 840}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_2013", "name": "Magadi-Natron Magmatic Rifting Studies", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 539}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 920}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XJ_2016", "name": "Impact of subglacial discharge on turbulent plume dynamics and ocean-glacier heat and mass transfer", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 865}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1224}, {"fields": {"website": "http://seismo.ethz.ch/", "doi": "", "name": "Deployments associated with OBS deployments in Swiss Lakes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XJ", "operator": 577}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1473}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "RESERVED", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 109}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ICEMELT, Anarctica", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 71}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Chicxulub Impact Crater, Yucatan", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 86}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XK_1997", "name": "Teleseismic Studies in the Western Superior Transect, Canada", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 9}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XK_1998", "name": "Merapi and Semeru Volcano Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 10}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XK_1999", "name": "Lithospheric Structure and Evolution of the Rocky Mountain Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 95}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XK_2001", "name": "Reflections Under the Scottish Highlands: A Broadband Investigation of Upper Mantle Reflectors in Scotland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 212}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XK_2004", "name": "RISTRA 1.5 -- Colorado Plateau Extension", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 325}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.XK2007", "name": "POLENET/LAPNET", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 489}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Big Horn Project Regional Array Deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 70}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 672}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XK_2011", "name": "Passive seismic for geothermal exploration, Fairmont, Montana", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 331}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 773}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XK_2012", "name": "Seismic Arrays for African Rift Initation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 60}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 856}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Array of the Sevilleta", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 348}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1180}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XK_2016", "name": "Delineating preferential flow paths from recharge for water planning and management", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1248}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Ivrea - AlpArray Complementary Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XK", "operator": 1211}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1375}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XL_1994", "name": "Sierras Broadband II", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XL", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 82}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XL_1995", "name": "North Korea Nuclear Site Investigation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XL", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 11}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XL_1997", "name": "An asthenosphere-lithosphere probe in North America", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XL", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 87}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XL_1998", "name": "Santa Clara Valley Fill structure", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XL", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 12}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XL_1999", "name": "San Francisco/Oakland Dense Array 2000", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XL", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 135}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "COnsortium for Arizona Reconnaissance Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XL", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 265}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XL_2008", "name": "Collaborative Research: Dynamic controls on tidewater glacier retreat", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XL", "operator": 19}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 309}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XL_2012", "name": "Central Mongolia Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XL", "operator": 81}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 859}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "McGill Dawson-Septimus Induced Seismicity Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XL", "operator": 527}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1386}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XM_1994", "name": "New Zealand Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 83}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XM_1995", "name": "Wabash Valley Array Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 13}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TOMOG 3D", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 88}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XM_1998", "name": "Ocean Seismic Network Exp.", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 91}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.iris.washington.edu/gmap/XM?timewindow=1999-2001", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XM_1999", "name": "Colorado Plateau/Rio Grand Rift/Great Plains Seismic Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 80}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Ethiopia-Afar Geoscientific Lithospheric Experiment 6TD Passive Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 187}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 263}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Vestmanna04 (SeiFaBa Project)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 326}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ALPASS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 380}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Western Tibet passive array deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 491}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XM_2011", "name": "Broadband recording at the site of great earthquake rupture in the Alaska Megathrust", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 775}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ARGOS - Alutu and Regional Geophysical Observation Study SEIS-UK", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 135}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 866}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XM_2016", "name": "Poroelastic Tomography at Brady Geothermal Field", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1227}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XM_2017", "name": "Geothermal Seismic Exploration and Monitoring Via Ambient Seismic Noise Interferometry", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 614}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1399}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "REMPARTS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XM", "operator": 1261}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1608}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TOR-0", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 113}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XN_1996", "name": "Irian Jaya RAMP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 14}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XN_1998", "name": "Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment -- Passive Phase", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 76}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XN_2000", "name": "Parkfield Passive Seismic Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 200}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XN_2003", "name": "Collaborative Research: Canadian Northwest Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 269}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TaskForce_Java", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 740}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XN_2007", "name": "Deep Structure of the Nortwaster Tibet Collison Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1284}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XN_2008", "name": "Bolivar: Western Venezuela", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 78}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 580}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XN_2010", "name": "Monitgoring seismicity associated with a possible asperity on the Cascadia megathrust", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 670}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XN_2011", "name": "joint summer field camp BSU/CSM/Imperial College of London", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 84}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 780}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XN_2014", "name": "Dynamic Response of the Ross Ice Shelf to to Wave Induced Vibrations", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 265}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1058}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/KA7560056170", "name": "Gorkha Earthquake 2015", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XN", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1188}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "CINCA95", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 115}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ANCORP96-AN", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 116}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XO_1997", "name": "The Origins of Mantle Anisotropy beneath Eastern North America", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 7}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 15}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XO_2000", "name": "Santa Clara Valley 2000", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 204}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XO_2003", "name": "US-Japan Collaborative Research: Multi-scale seismic imaging of the Mariana Subduction Factory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 270}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Eastern Black Sea Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 422}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 385}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "NOISY", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 629}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "INDEPTH IV", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 493}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XO_2010", "name": "Deep Fault Drilling Project, Alpine Fault, New Zealand: Whataroa-Wanganui Passive Seismology Experiment 2010", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 674}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.indiana.edu/~oiink/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XO_2011", "name": "Ozark Illinois Indiana Kentucky (OIINK) Flexible Array Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 34}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 791}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.ingv.it", "doi": "10.13127/SD/7TXeGdo5X8", "name": "Seismic Network for Site Effect Studies in Amatrice Area (Central Italy)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1276}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XO_2018", "name": "AACSE: Alaska Amphibious Community seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XO", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1450}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XP_1994", "name": "High resolution experiment along the Hikurangi subduction zone in New Zealand, Taupo Volcanic Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XP", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 114}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TaskForce Adana 1998", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XP", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 972}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XP_2000", "name": "A Broadband Seismic Investigation of Deep Continental Structure Across the East-West Antarctic Boundary", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XP", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 209}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XP_2005", "name": "Discrete vs. Continuous Continental Deformation and the Role of the Lower Crust in the Tien Shan", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XP", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 384}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XP_2008", "name": "Colorado Rockies Experiment and Seismic Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XP", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 582}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XP_2010", "name": "Investigating the relationship between pluton growth and volcanism at two active intrusions in the central Andes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XP", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 679}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.XP2014", "name": "VOLCARRAY", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XP", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1001}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XP_2015", "name": "Seismic Experiment for Imaging Structure beneath Connecticut", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XP", "operator": 13}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1151}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Green River Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 84}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XQ_2001", "name": "Hikurangi Subduction System (New Zealand) Seismic Transects, North Island Geophysical Transect Passive", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 213}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Oregon Array for Teleseismic Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 271}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XQ_2006", "name": "Collaborative Research: Understanding Fault Zone Compliance by Seismic Probing of InSAR Anomalies, Mojave Fault-Zone Compliance", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 428}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XQ_2007", "name": "Seismic and Geodetic Investigations of Mendocino Triple Junction Dynamics", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 495}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Pismo BeachNet", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 662}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 683}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XQ_2011", "name": "NEESR-CR: Topographic Effects in Strong Ground Motion - From Physical and Numerical Modeling to Design", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 435}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 782}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XQ_2012", "name": "Pre-Hydrofracking Regional Assessment of Central Carolina Seismicity", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 867}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Rapid response to the Mw 7.9 earthquake of April 25, 2015 in Nepal", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1196}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XQ_2017", "name": "Salt Lake 2017 Land Streamer profiling", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 84}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1682}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XQ_2019", "name": "Chile Glacial Volcano Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XQ", "operator": 85}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1598}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "INDEPTH II", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 102}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XR_1997", "name": "INDEPTH-III", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 77}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XR_2001", "name": "The Florida to Edmonton Broadband Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 214}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mammoth 2003", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 273}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XR_2004", "name": "CSEDI: Observational and Theoretical Constraints on the Structure and Rotation of the Inner Core", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 328}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XR_2008", "name": "Seismic Investigation of Edge Driven Convection Associated with the Rio Grande Rift.", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 63}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 584}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XR_2012", "name": "Deployment of a simultaneous broadband gradiometers to quantify the effects of aperture and near-surface geology on gradient-der", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 976}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 962}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.vaw.ethz.ch/people/gz/funk/projects/data/gz_bowdoin", "doi": "", "name": "Bowdoin glacier, NE Greenland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 577}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1139}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XR_2016", "name": "Seismicity near the Nemaha fault in northern Oklahoma", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1225}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XR_2018", "name": "Tripartite-BIMA (Bangladesh-India-Myanmar Array)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XR", "operator": 648}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1427}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XS_1996", "name": "Mount Erebus Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 16}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XS_1998", "name": "Broad Band Monitoring of Explosions at Sangay Volcano, Ecuador", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 210}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Montana BB Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 81}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XS_2002", "name": "Embayment Seismic Excitation Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 686}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XS_2003", "name": "Source Phenomenology Experiments in Arizona", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 276}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tungurahua 2004", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 333}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "San Jose Microtremor 2005", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 390}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XS_2006", "name": "Multi-disciplinary Experiments for Dynamic Understanding of Subduction under the Aegean Sea", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 8}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 432}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.XS2010", "name": "Maule Earthquake (Chile) Aftershock Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 688}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ncedc.org/ftp/pub/assembled/geysersBB", "doi": "", "name": "Geysers Broadband Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 730}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 875}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Trinity River Lowden Ranch Array 2015", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 348}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1397}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XS_2016", "name": "Passive Imaging of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 422}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1157}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XS_2018", "name": "Geophysical characterization of karst aquifers using dynamic recharge events", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XS", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1459}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XT_1994", "name": "Seismic Probing of the Ontong-Java Plateau", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 17}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Colorado BB Array - Lodore", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 18}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SIGAR (Kenya)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 96}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XT_2001", "name": "Tonga-Fiji Dual Array Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 215}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XT_2003", "name": "Crust-Mantle Interactions during Continental Growth and High-Pressure Rock Exhumation at an Oblique Arc-Continent Collision Zone: SE Caribbean Margin", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 278}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Oregon Array for Teleseismic Study II", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 74}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 435}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XT_2009", "name": "Fuego Volcano 2009", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 613}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XT_2010", "name": "Retrieval of reflections from seismic background-noise measurements for geophysical imaging of Fault Systems in Reno, NV", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 690}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XT_2011", "name": "Deformation and Magmatic Modification of a Steep Continental Margin, Western ID-Eastern OR", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 495}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 776}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/alparray/xt_2014", "name": "EASI - Eastern Alpine Seismic Investigation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1051}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Cifalps (China-Italy-France Alps seismic transect) - 2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XT", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1495}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XU_1993", "name": "VSP at Hole 504", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1518}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XU_1996", "name": "Broadband Crust/Upper Mantle Studies Around New Zealand", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 19}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Trans-Antarctic", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 566}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 622}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Monitoring MEQ activity during pulsed injection at geothermal reservoirs", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 29}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 915}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TaskForce Alsdorf 2002", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 986}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "2003 Fort Payne, AL, Aftershock Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 781}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Deception Island Passive/Active Source", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 687}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XU_2006", "name": "Collaborative Research: Earthscope integrated investigations of Cascadia subduction zone tremor, structure and process", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 451}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Jakarta Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 876}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XU_2014", "name": "Greeley Colorado RAMP Deployment 2014", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 19}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1049}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XU_2016", "name": "USGS NEHRP Proposal 2016-0180 - Greeley", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XU", "operator": 547}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1204}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XV_1997", "name": "Seismic Monitoring of Gatun Dam, Panama Canal", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XV", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 20}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XV_1999", "name": "Seismic Profile Across Kilauea Volcano's East Rift Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XV", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 97}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tacoma Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XV", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 218}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XV_2003", "name": "Collaborative research of the Earth's largest icebergs", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XV", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 279}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XV_2007", "name": "Glacier Seismicity and High Resolution Motion Records: Relation to Glacier Erosion", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XV", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 508}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XV_2009", "name": "Bighorn Arch Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XV", "operator": 556}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 634}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XV_2011", "name": "INVESTIGATION OF SOURCES OF INTRAPLATE VOLCANISM USING PASSCAL BROADBAND INSTRUMENTS IN MADAGASCAR, THE COMORES, AND MOZAMBIQUE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XV", "operator": 11}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 798}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XV_2014", "name": "Fault Locations and Alaska Tectonics from Seismicity", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XV", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 900}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XW_1997", "name": "Multidisciplinary Investigation of the Mountain Building in the Tien Shan", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XW", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 89}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Siple Coast Antarctica, Microearthquake Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XW", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 281}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.XW2007", "name": "Seismic Imaging of the Mantle Beneath the Anatolian-Aegan Domain", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XW", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 505}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XW_2009", "name": "Young Conjugate Margins Lab in the Gulf of Aden", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XW", "operator": 1083}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 638}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XW_2012", "name": "CRESIS Greenland 2012", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XW", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 882}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ESG Bayou Corne", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XW", "operator": 873}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1056}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.obsip.org/experiments/experiment-table/2016/chile-2016", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XW_2016", "name": "Pisagua/Iquique Crustal Tomography to Understand the Region of the Earthquake Source - OBSIP OBS Component", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XW", "operator": 1196}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1156}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XW_2017", "name": "Broadband seismic experiment in NE Uganda to investigate plume-lithosphere interactions", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XW", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1380}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ALBION2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XW", "operator": 1155}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1590}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XY_1997", "name": "Northern Baja Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 74}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XY_1999", "name": "Imaging the Seismogenic Zone with Geodesy and Seismology", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 98}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mongolia-Baikal Lithospheric Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 272}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 282}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XY_2004", "name": "Seismic Imaging of Fractures at Krafla, Iceland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 332}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XY_2005", "name": "Magma Accretion and the Formation of Batholiths", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 391}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.XY2007", "name": "Seismic Imagining of the Mantle Beneath the Anatolian-Aegan Domain", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 506}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XY_2010", "name": "RAMP response for 2010 Chile earthquake", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 495}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 691}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XY_2011", "name": "Experiment to Determine Hypocenters and Focal Mechanisms of Earthquakes Occurring in Association with Imaged Faults Near Summeville, South Carolina", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 98}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 783}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PASEIS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 904}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XY_2017", "name": "The Central Iberian Mountain Range a Key Asset to the Deformation Mechanisms of Iberia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 854}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1387}, {"fields": {"website": "http://seismo.ethz.ch/", "doi": "", "name": "Stations deployed for Risk Model Switzerland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XY", "operator": 577}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1474}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Cascadia/SEED reformat", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 67}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 514}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XZ_1999", "name": "Mount Erebus Seismic Studies", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 99}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XZ_2001", "name": "Spokane WA Earthquake Swarm", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 219}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XZ_2003", "name": "DHOFAR Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 778}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 284}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XZ_2005", "name": "Collaborative Research: St. Elias Erosion/Tectonics Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 392}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Gulf of Mexico USGS Hydrates", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 279}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1039}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XZ_2014", "name": "Idaho Teton Dam", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 73}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 974}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XZ_2015", "name": "Measuring ambient noise of ocean breakers", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 976}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1175}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XZ_2016", "name": "Volatile recycling at the Lesser Antilles Arc: Processes and consequences", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 422}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1155}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XZ_2018", "name": "Experiment in Fuego", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 1159}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1500}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/XZ_2019", "name": "Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory Mini-Array Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "XZ", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1612}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SCANLIPS2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y1", "operator": 187}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 608}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Libris", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y1", "operator": 778}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 753}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Rock Arches Resonance", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y1", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1060}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y1_2018", "name": "Crust and mantle structure and the expression of extension in the Turkana Depression of Kenya and Ethiopia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y1", "operator": 930}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1578}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y2_2007", "name": "Collaborative Research: Imaging the Upper Mantle Beneath the Western Tibetan Plateau", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y2", "operator": 417}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 610}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Green County Observation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y2", "operator": 939}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1198}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y2_2013", "name": "Balcombe", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y2", "operator": 135}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1021}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.Y22014", "name": "Safe-CO2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y2", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1102}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y2_2015", "name": "Islands of the Four Mountains 2015-16", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y2", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1274}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y2_2017", "name": "REMAKE-PUNA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y2", "operator": 349}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1455}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y3_2007", "name": "Studies of crust and upper mantle structure, mantle flow and geodynamics of the Chile Ridge subduction zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y3", "operator": 495}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 618}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y3_2008", "name": "Wells, Nevada Aftershock Recording", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y3", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1024}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y3_2009", "name": "Collaborative Research: Constraining Mantle Rheology, Mantle Flow, and Crust/Mantle coupling Beneath New Zealand", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y3", "operator": 19}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 676}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y3_2011", "name": "Cornell-USGS Virgina Aftershock iMaging exPeriment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y3", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1306}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y3_2012", "name": "Vaughn-Lewis Icefall Seismicity Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y3", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 947}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y3_2013", "name": "SEIS-UK instrument type noise study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y3", "operator": 1016}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1055}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y3_2016", "name": "EFFECT OF THE EXPLOSIVE DETONATION PRODUCTS ON SEISMIC COUPLING", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y3", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1275}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y3_2017", "name": "Delaware 2017 Aftershock Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y3", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1443}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y3_2019", "name": "ACACOAST", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y3", "operator": 1278}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1652}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.Y42004", "name": "W-ALPS 2004-2007 temporary experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y4", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 739}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y4_2008", "name": "Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y4", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 641}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y4_2010", "name": "Eastern Mediterranean Seismic", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y4", "operator": 162}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 757}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Brazilian Temporary Seismographic Experiments", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y4", "operator": 111}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1016}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/L9180569", "name": "Extended Pollino Seismic Experiment, 2014-2015", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y4", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1089}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y4_2016", "name": "Napa Seismic Investigation 2016", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y4", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1283}, {"fields": {"website": "https://danseis.dk/", "doi": "", "name": "DanSeis infrastructure installation project Southern Scandinavia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y4", "operator": 243}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1523}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Canadian Rockies and Alberta Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y5", "operator": 423}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 664}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y5_2019", "name": "North Bay Seismic Experiment (con't from YK 2003-2018)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y5", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1658}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y6_2006", "name": "Behavior of supraglacial lakes and their role in outlet glacier dynamics and mass balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y6", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 671}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "QM-III-UK", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y6", "operator": 299}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1052}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y6_2016", "name": "Rift valley volcanism past present and future", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y6", "operator": 422}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1319}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y6_2018", "name": "Yellowstone Lake Microseism 2018", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y6", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1525}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y6_2019", "name": "Community, Arts, and Environmental Setting of Fly Geyser, Nevada", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y6", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1667}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y7_2007", "name": "Seismic Experiment Active Caribbean Andesitic Lava Island Perscison Seismio-Geodetic Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y7", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 684}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y7_2009", "name": "Geothermal Exploration Arkansas Valley, Mt. Princeton Geothermal System", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y7", "operator": 47}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 680}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Deep OCean Test ARray experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y7", "operator": 238}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 891}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "MOCHA MT Observations of Cascadia Using a Huge Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y7", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1029}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y7_2016", "name": "Acquisition of aftershock sequence of the 2016 M5.6 Sooner Lake Earthquake", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y7", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1321}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "MDS-AKA Kirkland and MDS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y8", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1664}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y8_2008", "name": "New England Damage Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y8", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1286}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y8_2009", "name": "Detection and location of non-volcanic tremor in the New Madrid Seismic Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y8", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 681}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y8_2013", "name": "Passive-Source Guided Wave Study along the San Andreas Fault in San Gorgonio Pass, California", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y8", "operator": 588}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 955}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y8_2016", "name": "Monitoring Entiat Earthquakes in Chelan County, Washington", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y8", "operator": 602}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1325}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tocopilla", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y9", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 728}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.Y92009", "name": "Guerrero Gap Experiment (Mexico)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y9", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 689}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Y9_2016", "name": "Rapid response for fairview aftershock in Oklahoma", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Y9", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1240}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YA_1998", "name": "Crustal Structure of Coso Geothermal Field, California", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 92}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Bhuj Aftershock Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 221}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YA_2003", "name": "Collaborative research in Eastern Tibet: Evolution and dynamics of the crust and mantle, and surface topography.", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 285}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Torfajokull 2005", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 295}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 393}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Transylvanian Basin Attenuation and Anisotropy Deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 495}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 449}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "HLP-3", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 591}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YA2009", "name": "Undervolc", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 631}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YA_2012", "name": "Dynamics of the Lake Kivu System", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 539}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 869}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Fuego Volcano VLP and tilt experiment Continued", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 919}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YA_2016", "name": "Yucca Valley Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1249}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ebinger.wp.tulane.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YA_2017", "name": "Back-arc rifting in New Zealand", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YA", "operator": 930}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1411}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Black Thunder Mine", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 202}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_1998", "name": "Broad Band Array Study in South Africa", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 78}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YB2000", "name": "Central Zagros 2001 transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 484}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_2003", "name": "Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Aftershock Study - RAMP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 288}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_2004", "name": "Cavola a Broadband Dense Array on a Landslide", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 335}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_2005", "name": "Mount Saint Helens Dense Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 398}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_2008", "name": "Fuego 2008", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1600}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_2009", "name": "Batholiths Controlled Source", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 98}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1292}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YB2010", "name": "Haiti Earthquake Aftershock Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 727}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Faroe Islands Passive Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 619}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 804}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_2013", "name": "Continental Dynamics/Central Anatolian Tectonics: Surface to mantle dynamics during collision to escape", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 648}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1023}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_2016", "name": "Evolution of Slow-Spreading Oceanic Crust: South Atlantic", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 68}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1154}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_2017", "name": "Yosemite Valley Deep Refraction Microtremor", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1392}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YB_2018", "name": "Deep Fault Structure Beneath the Mojave from a High Density, Passive Seismic Profile", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YB", "operator": 63}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1412}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Osa Penninsula, Costa Rica", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YC", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 100}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YC_2000", "name": "Slab Geometry in the Southern Andes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YC", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 198}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YC_2003", "name": "Eastern Oregon Mantle Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YC", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 291}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "RABID", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YC", "operator": 155}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 345}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YC_2006", "name": "Partnership in Research and Education in Volcanology", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YC", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 452}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YC_2011", "name": "RAMP Virginia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YC", "operator": 18}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 805}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Texas Brine Corporation Louisiana Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YC", "operator": 343}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 917}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YC_2018", "name": "North Borneo Orogeny Seismic Survey", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YC", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1527}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Koacelli, Turkey", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YD", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 101}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YD_2003", "name": "Calabria-Appennine-Tyrrhenian/Subduction-Collision-Accretion Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YD", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 290}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YD_2007", "name": "Toward Understanding Eruption Seismicity: Multidiscplinary Experiment at Santiaguito and Fuego Volcanos, Guatemala", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YD", "operator": 533}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 510}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YD_2008", "name": "Recording Mogul Events throughout the Reno Basin", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YD", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 588}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "South Carpathian Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YD", "operator": 619}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 639}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YD_2012", "name": "Whillians Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YD", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 897}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Emergency for Molise-Italy by Sismiko", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YD", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1526}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seattle Site Response", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YE", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 224}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Upper Geyser Basin Seismicity", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YE", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 453}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YE_2007", "name": "Water storage and routing within glaciers via planar voids, a new model of glacier hydrology", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YE", "operator": 84}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 511}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YE_2008", "name": "Title: NEESR-SG: High Fidelity site characterization by experimentation, field observation, and inversion-based modeling", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YE", "operator": 42}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 596}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SeaJade I", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YE", "operator": 35}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 941}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YE_2011", "name": "Testing TA & FA vaults and directly buried sensor (3T)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YE", "operator": 18}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 820}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Midsea - Mantle Investigation of the Deep Suture between Eurasia and Africa", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YF", "operator": 117}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 130}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YF_2003", "name": "Yellowstone RAMP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YF", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 293}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Northern IL. aftershock survey", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YF", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 995}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "A new survey studies the Northeastern Caribbean plate: GEOPRICO-DO Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YF", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 948}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SCANLIPS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YF", "operator": 187}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 458}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YF_2007", "name": "Recognition of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system in the transition between Proterozoic and Phanerozoic Europe - Passive Seismic Experiment in TESZ 2006-2007", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YF", "operator": 519}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 512}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Signature of Landslides", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YF", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 640}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Carboneras Fault Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YF", "operator": 342}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 698}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YF_2012", "name": "Observation of a glacier calving event using a network of GPS and Seismic sensors", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YF", "operator": 845}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 880}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "South Bay Seismic Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 197}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Carpathian Basins Project Regional Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 148}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 421}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Imaging the Upper Crust at Newberry Volcano Using Large Offset Reflections", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 593}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Gauging Rutford Ice Stream Transients", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 155}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 643}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "San Andreas Virtual Earthquake Experiment Los Angeles", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 699}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YG_2011", "name": "Seismic Imaging of New Transitional Crust in the Salton Trough Oblique Rift", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 98}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1302}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YG_2012", "name": "Collaborative Research: Imaging the Cascadia subduction zone - a ship-to-shore opportunity", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1002}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YG_2013", "name": "Deployment for the Southern Cook Strait Earthquake Sequence", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1065}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YG_2016", "name": "Fate and consequences of Yakutat terrane subduction beneath eastern Alaska and the Wrangell Volcanic Field", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1228}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "DESTRESS monitoring network in Iceland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YG", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1616}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Imaging Galapagos Upwelling & Neotectonics", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YH", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 203}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YH_2004", "name": "Seismic tomography and location calibration around the SAFOD site", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YH", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 367}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YH_2008", "name": "LaBarge Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YH", "operator": 32}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 600}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YH_2010", "name": "AfricaArray SE Tanzania Basin Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YH", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 700}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YH_2012", "name": "Dense Array for North Anatolia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YH", "operator": 148}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 883}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YH_2014", "name": "Hikurangi Ocean Bottom Investigation of Tremor and Slow Slip", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YH", "operator": 63}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 979}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YH_2016", "name": "Play Fairway Analysis - Passive monitoring of St. Helens Shear zone for tomography and precision microseismicity", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YH", "operator": 836}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1251}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YH_2017", "name": "Seismometer to Investigate Ice and Ocean Structure (SIIOS) Field Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YH", "operator": 718}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1416}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YI_1997", "name": "Antarctic Network of Unattended Broadband Seismometers", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 207}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YI_2003", "name": "Retreating-Trench, Extension, and Accretion LTectonics: A Multidisciplinary Study of the Northern Apennines", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 298}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GEOPRICO2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 513}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YI2008", "name": "SIMBAAD-Etransect (Seismic Imaging of the Mantle Beneath the Anatolian-Aegan Domain)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 597}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YI_2010", "name": "2009 Malawi Earthquake RAMP Response", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 290}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 701}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "DAFNE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 451}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 809}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YI2015", "name": "St Gu\u00e9rin dam experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1143}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YI_2017", "name": "Mount St. Helens 3C Node Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 348}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1396}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YI_2018", "name": "Seismo-acoustic Network at Stromboli Volcano, Italy", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1501}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YI_2019", "name": "Geometrics Atoms 1-/3-C & Other Instruments Comparisons", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YI", "operator": 1174}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1618}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YJ_1999", "name": "RAMP Response to Turkey", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YJ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 211}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Ethiopia-Afar Geoscientific Lithospheric Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YJ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 233}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YJ_2004", "name": "Studies of crust and upper mantle structure, mantle flow and geodynamics of the Chile Ridge subduction zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YJ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 369}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YJ_2007", "name": "Record ground motion, strain changes, fault slip, temperature changes, and othere parameter close to the seismic source for earthquakess in the magnitude range expending to 3", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YJ", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 515}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YJ_2008", "name": "Evaluation of ACROSS-type Source for San Andreas Fault", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YJ", "operator": 6}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1293}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YJ_2010", "name": "Infrasound From Earthquakes: Signal Characteristics and Depth Discrimination", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YJ", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 705}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SLIDEQUAKES", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YJ", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1144}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic HAzard in Port-Au-Prince", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YJ", "operator": 483}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1528}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Coordinated Seismic Experiment in the Azores", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YK", "operator": 117}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 216}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YK_2003", "name": "Investigation of Crustal Structure and Site Response in the San Francisco North Bay", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YK", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 303}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YK_2019", "name": "PocRisc", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YK", "operator": 1171}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1611}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YL_2001", "name": "Himalayan Seismotectonics, Nepal and Tibet", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YL", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 234}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "San Simeon Aftershocks", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YL", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 305}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YL_2005", "name": "Continental lithospheric deformation along a major strike-slip fault zone: the central North Anatolian Fault Zone, Turkey", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YL", "operator": 32}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 399}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Lau Basin OBS Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YL", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 645}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YL_2012", "name": "Santiaguito 2012", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YL", "operator": 85}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 888}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YL_2013", "name": "Seismo-acoustic experiment and initial monitoring effort at Pagan Volcano, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YL", "operator": 400}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1057}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YL_2015", "name": "Parnaiba Basin WARR profile", "deployment_region": "Northeast Brazil", "fdsn_code": "YL", "operator": 954}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1158}, {"fields": {"website": "http://hdylake.org/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YL_2016", "name": "Response of Continental Hydrothermal Systems to Tectonic, Magmatic, and Climatic Forcing", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YL", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1252}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YL_2019", "name": "Mayag\u00fcez Amplification and Site Response Pilot Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YL", "operator": 316}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1623}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Central North Island Passive Seismic Exp", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YM", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 236}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YM_2002", "name": "Denali Fault Aftershocks RAMP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 318}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YM_2004", "name": "Columbia Glacier Passive Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 371}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YM_2006", "name": "Taiwan Supplement #2 to TAIGER project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YM", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 455}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YM_2010", "name": "An Integrated Analysis of Low-Frequency Seismicity at Villarrica Volcano, Chile", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YM", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 715}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YM_2013", "name": "Physical controls on ocean-terminating glacier variability in central west greenland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YM", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 952}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YM_2016", "name": "Adirondacks Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YM", "operator": 1186}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1265}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YN", "operator": 11}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 238}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YN_2005", "name": "Socorro Magma Body BB Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YN", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 400}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YN_2008", "name": "Reverberation method development", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YN", "operator": 304}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 707}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YN_2009", "name": "ETMO: Endeavour Seismic Tomography Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YN", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 644}, {"fields": {"website": "http://eqinfo.ucsd.edu/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YN_2010", "name": "San Jacinto Fault Zone Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YN", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 718}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YO1998", "name": "TRACK", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1467}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Taranaki", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 239}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YO_2003", "name": "Broadband Tomography Under Costa Rica and Nicaragua", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 323}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YO_2008", "name": "Mogul west Reno", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1114}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YO_2009", "name": "Volacano Geophysics Field Course and Digital Signal Processing at Tungurahua, Ecuador", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 84}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 990}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YO_2010", "name": "Tidewater glacier and ice marginal dynamic behavior", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 674}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 694}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YO_2012", "name": "Fracture Decoupling Experiment 2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1309}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sakurajima Infrasound Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 987}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YO_2014", "name": "Eastern North American Margin Community Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 63}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 980}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Yukon Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YO", "operator": 1185}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1260}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Southern Apennines Tomography Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YP", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 241}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "NISD", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YP", "operator": 216}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 372}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "NTS October 2008", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YP", "operator": 70}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 598}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YP_2009", "name": "Collaborative Research: Northeast China Extended Seismic Array: Deep subduction, mantle dynamics and lithospheric evolution beneath Northeast China", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YP", "operator": 78}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 647}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YP2012", "name": "CIFALPS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YP", "operator": 778}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 902}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Argostoli earthquake aftershock experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YP", "operator": 778}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 907}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YP_2016", "name": "Flow and Fracture Dynamics in an Ice Shelf Lateral Margin: Observations and modeling of the McMurdo Shear Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YP", "operator": 1188}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1277}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YP_2017", "name": "Margin Afar", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YP", "operator": 133}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1419}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YP_2019", "name": "UBCISM", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YP", "operator": 142}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1626}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Himalaya Tectonic", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YQ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 242}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Katla 2003", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YQ", "operator": 295}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 324}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YQ_2004", "name": "Northwest Nevada Seismic Experiment, Deep crustal structure of the northernmost Basin and Range and its relation to extensional faulting", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YQ", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 313}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Nicoya Peninsula Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YQ", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 460}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YQ_2009", "name": "Lincoln Noise Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YQ", "operator": 187}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 651}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YQ_2012", "name": "Soda Lake DOE, Development of a low cost method to estimate the seismic signature of a geothermal field from ambient seismic noise analysis", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YQ", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 901}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YQ_2013", "name": "Study of Extension and maGmatism in Malawi aNd Tanzania", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YQ", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 978}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YQ_2017", "name": "Afar Margin Northern Profile", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YQ", "operator": 422}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1420}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YR1999", "name": "Horn of Africa (Ethiopa, Yemen) broad-band experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 447}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 387}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Petrophysical and Seismic Properties of Faroes Basalts", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 299}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Northern Lake Tahoe Magma Injection Seismic Monitoring Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 386}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Dhofar Seismic Experiment II", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 778}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 402}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YR_2008", "name": "ALFA08", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 566}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 603}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Eritrea Seismic Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 299}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 818}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YR2013", "name": "DOMERAPI", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 778}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 868}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YR_2016", "name": "Armatrice Sequence International", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 127}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1280}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YR_2018", "name": "Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory 3D Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1488}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YR_2019", "name": "GEOCANTABRICA-COSTA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YR", "operator": 1269}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1630}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YS_2001", "name": "Observational Constraints on Persistent Water Level Changes Generated by Seismic Waves", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YS", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 306}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Plume Lithosphere Undersea Melt Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YS", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 315}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Andravida (Greece) Aftershock Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YS", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 602}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YS_2009", "name": "The life cycle of Andean volcanoes:Combining space-based and field studies", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YS", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 652}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YS_2014", "name": "Transitions in the Banda Arc-Australia continental collision", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YS", "operator": 83}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 983}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YS_2019", "name": "SANIMS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YS", "operator": 382}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1634}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YT2001", "name": "West Kunlun 2001 transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YT", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 483}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YT2003", "name": "MOBAL 03", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YT", "operator": 272}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 537}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YT_2004", "name": "Parkfield Trapped Waves", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YT", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 389}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Herdubreid 2006", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YT", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 459}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YT_2007", "name": "IPY POLENET-Antarctica: Investigating links between geodynamics and ice sheets", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YT", "operator": 11}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 526}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/LH6441260253", "name": "Several Greek networks", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YU", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 930}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Erta Ale", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YU", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 381}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mount Saint Helens Broadband", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YU", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 396}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YU_2006", "name": "Northern California Delta", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YU", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 463}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YU_2016", "name": "Caribbean-Merida Andes Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YU", "operator": 78}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1229}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YU_2019", "name": "Cornell University Earth Source Heat seismic network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YU", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1635}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "North East Atlantic Tomography", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YV", "operator": 187}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 373}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YV_2004", "name": "Parkfield 2004 Aftershock Guided Waves", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YV", "operator": 255}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 397}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YV_2006", "name": "Multidisciplinary Observations Of Subduction", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YV", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 465}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YV_2010", "name": "Bering Glacier Surge Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YV", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 714}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.rhum-rum.net/", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YV2011", "name": "RUM-RHUM", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YV", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 813}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YV_2017", "name": "Seismic experiments at the USGS Debris Flow Flume", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YV", "operator": 304}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1379}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ZETLAB seismo-1", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YV", "operator": 1241}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1521}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YV_2019", "name": "Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site-Enhance Oil Recovery", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YV", "operator": 1267}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1625}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "North China Experiment 2000-2001", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YW", "operator": 258}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 472}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Cape Verde Mantle Structure", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YW", "operator": 135}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 418}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YW_2005", "name": "Stalking Cascadia episodic tremor and slip with enhanced GPS and seismic arrays", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YW", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 404}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TONGA06", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YW", "operator": 11}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 468}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YW_2007", "name": "Resolving structural control of episodic tremor and slip along the length of Cascadia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YW", "operator": 74}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 517}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Nabro Urgency Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YW", "operator": 299}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 817}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YW_2013", "name": "MIDGE: Minimally Invasive Direct Glacial Exploration of Biogeochemistry, Hydrology and Glaciology of Blood Falls, McMurdo Dry Va", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YW", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 993}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YW_2016", "name": "IRIS Community Wavefield Experiment in Oklahoma", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YW", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1267}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YW2017", "name": "Earthquake swarm Maurienne 2017- (French Alps)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YW", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1421}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YX2001", "name": "3FCorinth Tomography", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YX", "operator": 272}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 909}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tides", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YX", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 436}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Samoa Lithosphere Integrated Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YX", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 408}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YX_2008", "name": "Seismology Rapid Response Test During the SoSAF Shakeout", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YX", "operator": 588}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 604}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YX_2009", "name": "Socorro Swarm 2009 RAMP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YX", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 655}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YX_2010", "name": "Flexarray 3D Passive Seismic Imaging of Core-Complex Extension in the Ruby Range Nevada", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YX", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 703}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Lhasa Block Top to Bottom--Lithospheric Evolution of Asia\u2019s Leading Edge", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YX", "operator": 81}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 994}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YX_2016", "name": "Raton Basin UNM Broadband Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YX", "operator": 348}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1330}, {"fields": {"website": "http://english.igg.cas.cn", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YY_2000", "name": "NCISP1", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YY", "operator": 1150}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1166}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mariana Subdction Factory Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YY", "operator": 11}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 499}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Norway 05", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YY", "operator": 459}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 409}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YY_2008", "name": "Predominant Period Measurement in Las Vegas Valley", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YY", "operator": 297}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 609}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "KRAFLA-09", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YY", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 659}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YY_2012", "name": "Mendenhall Glacier Outburst Flood Seismicity and Next-Generation Instrument Testing", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YY", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 881}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YY_2013", "name": "Exploring extensional tectonics beyond the Ethiopian Rift", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YY", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1066}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YY_2017", "name": "UTPMY", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YY", "operator": 1228}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1422}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Bardwell, KY Aftershock Deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YZ", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1014}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.YZ2004", "name": "Tabriz Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YZ", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 569}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Boina Broadband Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YZ", "operator": 282}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 411}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YZ_2009", "name": "Nicoya Seismogenic Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YZ", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 663}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/YZ_2015", "name": "Establishing Background Microseismicity at Proposed Geothermal Site at Cornell Univerity", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YZ", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1230}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/LM582526", "name": "East Pollino Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "YZ", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1425}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z1_2006", "name": "Northeast Tibet Plateu Seismic Experiment: Pilot", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z1", "operator": 182}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 741}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z1_2008", "name": "Imaging the Upper Crust at Newberry Volcano using Large offset Reflections", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z1", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1287}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z1_2009", "name": "Mantle flow and magma supply to the Eastern Lau Spreading Center", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z1", "operator": 11}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 692}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z1_2011", "name": "Fracture Decoupling Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z1", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1308}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "MT Imaging of the Cascades Volcanic Arc GeoPRISMS/ES MT Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z1", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1030}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z1_2016", "name": "Seismic Triggering Response for Earthquakes around Wellington NZ", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z1", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1343}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z1_2018", "name": "Hawaii Nodal RAPID 2018", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z1", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1524}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z1_2019", "name": "Monitoring Soil Movement at Golden Gate National Recreational Area, California", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z1", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1668}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "HAMNET", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z2", "operator": 231}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 764}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z2_2008", "name": "High-Lava-Plains-Active-Vcomp", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z2", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1288}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "NOISY", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z2", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 696}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Luther OK", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z2", "operator": 37}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1000}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z2_2014", "name": "Galapagos2014", "deployment_region": "EC", "fdsn_code": "Z2", "operator": 1137}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1104}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z2_2016", "name": "Temporary Receivers for Monitoring Bangladesh Earthquakes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z2", "operator": 610}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1333}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z2_2019", "name": "Great Sand Dunes Colorado Earthquake study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z2", "operator": 547}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1669}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/M87550267382", "name": "EGELADOS network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z3", "operator": 120}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 992}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mt.Carmel 2008 AFtershock Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z3", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 784}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z3_2009", "name": "Active Seismic Study of Episodic Tremor and Slip, Detecting Structural changes During an ETS Event: Proof of Concept", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z3", "operator": 78}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 702}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z3_2010", "name": "Jemez Pueblo Geothermal Exploration", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z3", "operator": 772}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 743}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z3_2014", "name": "Temp-Sismo12082014", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z3", "operator": 349}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1456}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.alparray.ethz.ch/en/home/", "doi": "10.12686/alparray/z3_2015", "name": "AlpArray", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z3", "operator": 117}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1106}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/M97551339354", "name": "DESIRE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z4", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1042}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z4_2009", "name": "Appalachian Seismic Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z4", "operator": 85}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 704}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z4_2011", "name": "Humming Albratross", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z4", "operator": 300}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1307}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Chilean 2010 post-seismic response", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z4", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1003}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z4_2014", "name": "Seismic data of Santiguito volcano", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z4", "operator": 342}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1190}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tahiti Plume", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z5", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1041}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z5_2007", "name": "Discrete vs. Continuous Continental Deformation and the Role of the Lower Crust in the Tien Shan", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z5", "operator": 18}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1263}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z5_2008", "name": "High Lava Plains Active - Single Component Subset A", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z5", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1289}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Rwenzori Seismic Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z5", "operator": 758}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 734}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z5_2013", "name": "Seismicity, Structure and Dynamics of the Gorda Deformation Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z5", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1090}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z5_2016", "name": "Vibration measurement at the MROI Inner Beam Combining Area technical slab, instrument optical tables and Delay Line Area", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z5", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1348}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z5_2018", "name": "A four-dimensional view of deformation in the Eastern Alaska Range - where did the slip on the Denali fault go?", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z5", "operator": 122}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1529}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Meramex", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z6", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1040}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Mantle Investigations of Norwegian Uplift Structures", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z6", "operator": 456}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 801}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Forsyth Deployment near the South Shatsky Fracture Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z6", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 737}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z6_2011", "name": "PIRE: Life on a tectonically active delta in Bangladesh", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z6", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 944}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "OBS survey of Kilauea's submarine south flank following the May 4, 2018 M6.9 earthquake and Lower East Rift Zone eruption", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z6", "operator": 265}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1596}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z6_2019", "name": "Mapping the Seattle Basin Edge", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z6", "operator": 59}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1670}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z7_2008", "name": "MROI Vibration Studies", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z7", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 749}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Northern Volcanic Zone", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z7", "operator": 369}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 759}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.obsip.org/experiments/experiment-table/2016/chile-2016", "doi": "", "name": "Pisagua/Iquique Crustal Tomography to Understand the Region of the Earthquake Source - GEOMAR OBS Component", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z7", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1346}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PlanB", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z7", "operator": 133}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1476}, {"fields": {"website": "https://ebinger.wp.tulane.edu/research/isla/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z7_2019", "name": "Induced Seismicity in Louisiana", "deployment_region": "US", "fdsn_code": "Z7", "operator": 930}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1681}, {"fields": {"website": "http://english.igg.cas.cn", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z8_2006", "name": "NCISP5", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z8", "operator": 634}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1162}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Deep Geothermal \"Hotter and Deeper\" seismic array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z8", "operator": 175}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 756}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z8_2013", "name": "Dense Virtual Seismic Array at Pacaya", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z8", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 933}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Champ Captant Lyon", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z8", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1364}, {"fields": {"website": "http://landslidemonitoring.esy.es/sensor6.html", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z8_2018", "name": "seis_iitmandi", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z8", "operator": 1254}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1587}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z9_2008", "name": "Korean Peninsula Refraction Profile", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z9", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1290}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Laramide Landslides", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z9", "operator": 782}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 760}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z9_2010", "name": "Southeastern Suture of the Appalachian Margin Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z9", "operator": 7}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 761}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sources of unrest at MOmotombo and MAsaya Volcanoes in NICaragua \u2013 MOMANIC Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z9", "operator": 577}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1347}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/Z9_2018", "name": "Soil Soundscapes from Seismic Arrays", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "Z9", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1597}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Erzican", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 356}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Killari", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 357}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PISCO94 PS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 336}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Chicxulub CP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 338}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TOR-TE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 339}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/MN7557778612", "name": "REFUCA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 353}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZA_2006", "name": "The Colima Deep Seismic Experiment: Imaging the Magmatic Root of Colima Volcano", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 413}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Russell Glacier Catchment 2009-12", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 640}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 661}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "NoMelt", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 829}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZA_2014", "name": "Wellington, Kansas CO2 Sequestration Monitoring", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZA", "operator": 1048}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1050}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Alaska TE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZB", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 337}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PUNA97", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZB", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 343}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Svekalapko", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZB", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 346}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Simeulue", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZB", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 415}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sumatra Segmentation and Aftershocks Deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZB", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 518}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "HARP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZB", "operator": 265}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 720}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZB_2016", "name": "Reno Sedimentary and Volcanic Basins Deep ReMi", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZB", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1235}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZB_2017", "name": "Rapid Aftershock Deployment for the September 2017 M=8.1 and M.7.1 Earthquakes in Mexico (RADSEM)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZB", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1432}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GFZ contribution to the COSEISMIQ seismic network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZB", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1615}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Antofagasta", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 358}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TOR-TO", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 340}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "GLATIS", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 347}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Vogtland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 363}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TEDESE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 352}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZC_2005", "name": "Mt. St.Helens Temporary Array 2005", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 501}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZC_2006", "name": "Anatahan and submarine Mariana volcanos", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 11}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 475}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZC_2009", "name": "SINOPROBE-2 Controlled Source", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1295}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZC_2010", "name": "Seismic Detection of Avalanches", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 84}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1091}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZC_2013", "name": "Greater Antilles Seismic Program", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZC", "operator": 614}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1037}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Crete-TE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZD", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 341}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SEISM Seychelles", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZD", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 355}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Tides E 2005", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZD", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 437}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismcity of Quebrada-Discovery-gofur- Transforms ( QDG)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZD", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 502}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZD_2010", "name": "PerU Lithosphere and Slab Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZD", "operator": 85}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 722}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZD_2014", "name": "4D Integrated Study Using Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Modeling & Rock Mechanics to Develop Assessment Models for Potential In", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZD", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 892}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/MR6441682066", "name": "ANCORP-TE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 342}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Calixto", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 349}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sultandagi", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 364}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Bingoel", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 366}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SIKKIM", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 417}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZE_2007", "name": "AFAR07", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 539}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 516}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Maule Aftershock Survey-GFZ", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 706}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/MR7567431421", "name": "SELASOMA Project, Madagascar 2012-2014", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 966}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZE_2015", "name": "Southern Alaska Lithosphere and Mantle Observation Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 36}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1092}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Quito Metacity network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1519}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZE_2019", "name": "Node deployment along the intersection of the Denali Fault and Parks Highway", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZE", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1636}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Yakutia", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 344}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Hawaii Plume", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 350}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Aachen", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 365}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.ZF2003", "name": "BAM Earthquake Aftershock Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 568}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZF_2005", "name": "Tidal modulation of ice stream flow, Tides", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 426}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Afar Consortium Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 135}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 522}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZF_2010", "name": "GUMBO: Gulf of Mexico Basin Opening", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 614}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1301}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZF_2011", "name": "Alaska Langseth Experiment to Understand the megaThrust", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1250}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZF_2012", "name": "Collaborative Research: East Antarctic Outlet Glacier Dynamics", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 80}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 911}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.ZF2015", "name": "Riviere des Pluies", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZF", "operator": 850}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1236}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Cariaco", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 359}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Adana", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 360}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Popcatepetl", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 351}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TaskForce Bingoel 2003", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 985}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZG_2004", "name": "Tidal modulation of ice stream flow, Tides B Upstream", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 439}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZG_2006", "name": "Origin of the Columbia River Basalts and Uplift of the Wallowa Mountains", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 476}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZG_2010", "name": "Central Andean Uplift and the Geodynamics of the High Topography", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 32}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 723}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZG_2013", "name": "Bringing New Tools and Techniques to Bear on Earthquake Hazard Analysis and Mitigation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1075}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZG_2014", "name": "Sage Brush Flats Nodal Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 4}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1093}, {"fields": {"website": "http://va.water.usgs.gov/earthquakes/", "doi": "", "name": "27F2 SOW 019 (is the official name of the well)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZG", "operator": 1156}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1189}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Duezce", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZH", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 361}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.ZH2003", "name": "NW Zagros Transet", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZH", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 578}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZH_2004", "name": "Tidal modulation of ice stream flow, Tides B Grounding Line", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZH", "operator": 306}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 438}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "British Isles Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZH", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 488}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZH_2010", "name": "Collaborative Research: Geometry and kinematics of basement-involved foreland arches:Insights into continental processes from Earthscope.", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZH", "operator": 547}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 725}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZH_2011", "name": "Monitoring seismicity associated with a possible asperity on the Cascadia megathrust", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZH", "operator": 92}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 844}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZH_2013", "name": "Imaging the Floridan Aquifer System Using Seismic Noise", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZH", "operator": 495}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1008}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.ZH2016", "name": "POSA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZH", "operator": 1155}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1247}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Izmit", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZI", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 362}, {"fields": {"website": "http://www.gm.univ-montp2.fr/PERSO/barruol/polynesia/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZI_2001", "name": "Polynesian Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Experiment (PLUME)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZI", "operator": 207}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 485}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "British Isles Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZI", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 498}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZI_2010", "name": "Collaborative Research: Geometry and kinematics of basement-involved foreland arches: Insights into continental processes from Earthscope", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZI", "operator": 547}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 724}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZI_2011", "name": "CoMITAC Morocco-Bristol Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZI", "operator": 135}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 834}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZI_2014", "name": "A community seismic experiment targeting the pre-syn, post-rift evolution of the Mid-Atlantic US International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZI", "operator": 73}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1094}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZI_2015", "name": "A community seismic experiment targeting the pre-syn, post-rift evolution of the Mid-Atlantic US: the ENAM CSE land active source experiment. International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks.", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZI", "operator": 73}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1651}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZI_2016", "name": "Investigation of crustal structure of the Matador Arch, testing of short period vs long period receiver function", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZI", "operator": 43}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1328}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZI_2018", "name": "Investigating Thickness of Peridotites in New Caledonia (formerly CaNappe)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZI", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1582}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Alborz Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZJ", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 577}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Herdubreid 2005", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZJ", "operator": 369}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 585}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Central China Broadband Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZJ", "operator": 216}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 494}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZJ_2011", "name": "Preparation for WISSARD in Alaska", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZJ", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 848}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZJ_2012", "name": "Transantarctic Mountains Northern Network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZJ", "operator": 44}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 981}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Estudio de suelos en Manab\u00ed (Ecuador)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZJ", "operator": 349}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1465}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZJ_2017", "name": "UTEP Source Test 2017", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZJ", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1433}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZJ_2018", "name": "Mongolia Fault Zone Studies", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZJ", "operator": 81}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1522}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZJ_2019", "name": "Pannonian-Carpathian-Alpine Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "Pannonian Basin & surroundings", "fdsn_code": "ZJ", "operator": 1142}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1641}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TOLSTOY", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZK", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 497}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZK_2008", "name": "UWTremTexBS - EarthScope Flex Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZK", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 587}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZK_2009", "name": "Afar Depression Dense Seismic Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZK", "operator": 60}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 656}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Guerrero Coast Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZK", "operator": 1050}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1061}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Vatnajokull Icequake and Tremor Array: Lite", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZK", "operator": 102}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1036}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZK_2016", "name": "Seismic signature of debris flume experiments", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZK", "operator": 517}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1245}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Node Soufriere", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZK", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1446}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZK_2019", "name": "Eagle Creek post-fire bedload transport seismic monitoring", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZK", "operator": 21}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1642}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "David Glacier 2003-2004", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZL", "operator": 566}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 623}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Sea of Cortez Ocean Bottom Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZL", "operator": 265}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 496}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZL_2007", "name": "Lithospheric Structure and Deformation of the Flat Slab Region of Argentina", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZL", "operator": 32}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 519}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Shatsky Rise Active Source Experiment OBSIP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZL", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 733}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZL_2011", "name": "Northern Embayment Lithospheric Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZL", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 852}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZL_2016", "name": "Terrapin", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZL", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1327}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZL_2017", "name": "NZ3D FWI", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZL", "operator": 299}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1453}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SEISMORIV_Sevraisse", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZL", "operator": 1155}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1645}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Southeast Indian Ridge, EW-0114", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZM", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1704}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Uraban Seismology", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZM", "operator": 456}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 803}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismicity of the Atlantis Massif, Mid Atlantic Ridge", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZM", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 507}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZM_2007", "name": "A Broadband Seismic Experiment to Image the Lithosphere beneath the Gamburtsev Mountains, East Antarctica", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZM", "operator": 41}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 525}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZM_2014", "name": "UKFLUV14", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZM", "operator": 604}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1122}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Colorado Runoff Experiment- Year 2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZM", "operator": 759}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1270}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic Emergency for Ischia by Sismiko", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZM", "operator": 125}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1460}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Enola Arkansas Aftershock Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZN", "operator": 52}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 223}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SISMOVALP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZN", "operator": 1053}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 942}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Lithospheric structure of West Greenland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZN", "operator": 187}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 520}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Meteo Aruba/Rice Univ", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZN", "operator": 233}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 611}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZN_2010", "name": "Papua Peninsula-Woodlark Rift Imaging Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZN", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 735}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZN_2013", "name": "Investigation of subglacial hydrologic seismic signals, Breidamerkurjokull Glacier, Iceland- a WISSARD test case", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZN", "operator": 28}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1017}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZN_2014", "name": "Site response in the Washington, DC, area", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZN", "operator": 22}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1184}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZN_2016", "name": "East Bay Seismic Investigation 2016", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZN", "operator": 1190}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1329}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Kilauea seismic and infrasound", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZN", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1461}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Transalp II", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 928}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZO_2006", "name": "Seismic Monitoring of Greenland's Melting Ice Sheet", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 85}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 564}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZO_2007", "name": "Seismo-Acoustic data collection near Salt Lake", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 73}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 521}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.ZO2008", "name": "ARC-Vanuatu Seismic Experiment (Volcanoes)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 615}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZO_2010", "name": "Volcanic stress field analysis using non-local seismic sources at Hekla Volcano, Iceland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 651}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 736}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZO_2011", "name": "Erebus Small Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 858}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Vaigat", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 604}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1025}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.ZO2014", "name": "HiK-NET temporary experiment (RESIF-SISMOB)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 1209}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 988}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZO_2017", "name": "Central Oregon Dense 3C Node Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1398}, {"fields": {"website": "https://resolve.osug.fr/", "doi": "", "name": "RESOLVE-Argenti\u00e8re", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 1183}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1462}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZO_2019", "name": "Colorado State University Mountain Campus Site Evaluation", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZO", "operator": 759}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1647}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "ISSA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZP", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 927}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZP_2003", "name": "Shear-Velocity Profile Along the San Gabriel River, Southern CA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZP", "operator": null}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1751}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.12686/sed/networks/zp", "name": "3D Site Amplification at Sion, Valais, Switzerland", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZP", "operator": 326}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 767}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZP_2007", "name": "Africa Array- Uganda/Tanzania", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZP", "operator": 9}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 899}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Africa Array- Uganda/Tanzania", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZP", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 527}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZP_2015", "name": "Ross Ice Shelf Project", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZP", "operator": 889}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1185}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZP_2016", "name": "Seismic Investigation of South Central Oklahoma", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZP", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1331}, {"fields": {"website": "http://english.igg.cas.cn", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZQ_2001", "name": "NCISP2", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZQ", "operator": 1149}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1165}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Cerro Blanco", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZQ", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1043}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Africa Array- S.Africa mine network", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZQ", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 528}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZQ_2011", "name": "Oklahoma RAMP", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZQ", "operator": 39}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 836}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZQ_2013", "name": "Imaging the Matador arch using receiver funcitons from Texan dataloggers and short period geophones", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZQ", "operator": 43}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1019}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZQ_2015", "name": "Taku Glacier", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZQ", "operator": 80}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1186}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Guagua Pichincha", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZQ", "operator": 349}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1463}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "DESERT", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZR", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 926}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZR_2006", "name": "Potrillo Volcanic Field Experimental Shots, 08-005", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZR", "operator": 58}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1285}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZR_2007", "name": "Reconnaissance survey of Bering Glacier Basal seismicity and calving", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZR", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 529}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZR_2008", "name": "Bering Glacier Field Camp 2008", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZR", "operator": 56}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 589}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZR_2012", "name": "El Tatio Geyser Study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZR", "operator": 45}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 958}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZR_2013", "name": "SCANLIPS3D", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZR", "operator": 187}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1071}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZR_2015", "name": "Laguna del Maule seismic imaging", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZR", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1191}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "SEIS-ADELICE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZR", "operator": 124}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1648}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "CENMOVE", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZS", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 354}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TaskForce Yogyakarta 2006", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZS", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 950}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.ZS2007", "name": "Seismological Network in Northern Tanzania", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZS", "operator": 561}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 531}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZS_2009", "name": "CReSIS Greenland Lake Drainage 2009", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZS", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 665}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Stick Slip Motion of Engabreen Glacier, Norway", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZS", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 738}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZS_2012", "name": "Seismicity of East Coast Submarine Landslides", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZS", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 937}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZS_2014", "name": "Measuring the frequency of ocean breaker induced surface waves for determining swell direction: feasibility study", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZS", "operator": 976}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1095}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZS_2015", "name": "Quantifying Egs Reservoir Complexity With An Integrated Geophysical Approach And Improved Resolution Ambient Seismic Noise Inter", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZS", "operator": 46}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1253}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/MF7562601148", "name": "The SWATH", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZS", "operator": 1226}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1388}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Testing of a Deep-Water, Acoustically-Linked, Moored- Buoy Seafloor Observatory", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZT", "operator": 2}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1709}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Gulf of Guinea Islands", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZT", "operator": 63}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 532}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Study of the Dynamic of Utiku Landslide (NZ)", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZT", "operator": 551}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 617}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZT_2012", "name": "WIsconsin, new Zealand, And Rensselaer Deployment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZT", "operator": 27}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1187}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZT_2015", "name": "REU: Imaging the Bushveld Complex, South Africa", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZT", "operator": 14}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1254}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Shear Wave Studies of Hydrate Ridge, Oregon Continental Margin", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 63}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1708}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TaskForce Waldkirch 2004", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 984}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "PASSEQ", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 187}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 534}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "North Tanzania", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 539}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 619}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZU_2009", "name": "Marine Observations of Anisotropy near Aotearoa", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 669}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZU_2011", "name": "Repeating glacier quakes (clones) on Mount Rainier", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 871}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZU_2012", "name": "Grand Canyon Controlled Flood", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 25}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1062}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Trans-Haiti", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 422}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 912}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.15778/RESIF.ZU2015", "name": "OROGEN-X", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 938}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1171}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Seismic imaging of volcano construction, underplating and flexure along the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZU", "operator": 1196}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1486}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "BOHEMA", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 925}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Monitoring of Augustine Volcano Eruption using Ocean Bottom Seismometers", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1096}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZV_2007", "name": "Mid Ocean Volcanoes & Earthquakes", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 568}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 536}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZV_2008", "name": "Northeast Tibet Plateau Seismic Experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 182}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 626}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZV_2011", "name": "Wellington Active Source Transect", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 550}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1303}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZV_2012", "name": "Malargue seismic array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 559}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 959}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ebinger.wp.tulane.edu/research/tanga/", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZV_2014", "name": "Southern Lake Tanganyika experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 422}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1097}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZV_2016", "name": "Seismic Noise Survey of Western Kazakhstan", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 65}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1255}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZV_2017", "name": "Seismic and Geomorphic Characterization of Mass Wasting Events Associated with the 2017 Brian Head Fire", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 20}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1464}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZV_2018", "name": "GLADYS Maupiti", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZV", "operator": 207}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1485}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "TIPTEQ North", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZW", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1034}, {"fields": {"website": "http://ds.iris.edu/data/reports/2006/06-008", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZW_2006", "name": "GEO-DESIRE Wide-Angle Reflection / Refraction experiment, Israel and Jordan 2006", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZW", "operator": 10}, 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566}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Boulby Cliffs", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZX", "operator": 604}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 635}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Gisborne-Mahia Seismic Tremor Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZX", "operator": 932}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 870}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "MADAM", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZX", "operator": 273}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1256}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Bransfield Strait", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZX", "operator": 30}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1487}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Portable Southern California Seismic Networks", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZY", "operator": 25}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 277}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.14470/MM7557265463", "name": "CYCLADES", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZZ", "operator": 10}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 924}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Lithospheric Structure of the Puna Plateau", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZZ", "operator": 60}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 570}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZZ_2010", "name": "Seismology Classroom at University of Chicago", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZZ", "operator": 366}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 744}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZZ_2011", "name": "Multi-array observations of tectonic tremor in the Anza gap, San Jacinto fault, CA - Phase 1", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZZ", "operator": 25}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 874}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZZ_2012", "name": "Collaborative Research: Imaging the Cascadia subduction zone - a ship-to-shore opportunity", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZZ", "operator": 77}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 898}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZZ_2013", "name": "Virginia seismic experiment", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZZ", "operator": 22}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 945}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZZ_2015", "name": "USGS Puerto Rico Trence", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZZ", "operator": 50}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1257}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "", "name": "Texas-Geothermal Seismic Exploration and Monitoring Via Ambient Seismic Noise Interferometry", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZZ", "operator": 614}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1408}, {"fields": {"website": "", "doi": "10.7914/SN/ZZ_2019", "name": "Farnsworth Unit Surface Seismic Array", "deployment_region": "", "fdsn_code": "ZZ", "operator": 97}, "model": "networks.network", "pk": 1655}]ƹĺô